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20 Lazy People Who Should Work For NASA - Koi Pop
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20 Lazy People Who Should Work For NASA



If necessity is the mother of invention, then laziness is the father!

These people showed how brilliance can be found from the laziest ideas. And sometimes, too smart for this world.

That’s why we listed 20 evidence that people like them are going to places (but they would rather stay at home)

***Caution: Mind blowing**

1. Portable playstation

(Image source: 9gag)

Who needs PS Vita when you can just Facetime your Playstation anywhere from your house? TIP: You can even play while enjoying a nice warm bath! 

But watch out for the next guy who made ‘taking out the trash’ easier

2. Take out trash to the next level

(Image source: Piximus)

You can now roll out the trash with minimum effort. Thanks to this guy’s solid idea. And it doesn’t just stop there! Because the next one is watering your lawn without you actually doing it. 

3. Lawn Sprinkler

(Facebook: dumbassess)

Have you ever thought of making a lawn sprinkler with just a garden hose and an oscillating fan? Never in a million years! Just like the NEXT GUY who made his own private cinema.

4. Theater Head

(Youtube: Hacktuber)

This guy just experienced a private movie screening… well… on his head. 

Let’s complete his full cinema experience with a popcorn hack.

5. The popcorn Hood

(Image source: 9gag)

We’ve been wearing our hoodies WRONG the whole time. 

6. Maze IQ level over 10000

(Image source: Reddit)

This 3-year-old kid is smarter than the person who designed the maze.

7. Hoverbike

(Image source: Reddit)

“He single-handedly broke the thermodynamics law by solving the perpetual movement equation.” user Aeternum98 from Reddit commented.

Did you ever want to watch TV but also sleep on the side? Well, the next guy has the answer for you!

8. Tilt-screen activated

(Image source: Leah Cassens)

This dude got a television from 1999, but he’s already living in 3099.

Another person who made use of technology SO HARD that they don’t need to carve pumpkins for Halloween anymore!

9. Jack-o-Laptop

(Image source: Bemethis)

They went all out this year and ended all pumpkin carvers’ careers.

And this girl is very clever to use a PLUNGER on the SUBWAY!

10. D.I.Y. Subway Pole

(Image source: cheezburger)

She’s all set in case the train gets overloaded and needs to be cleared out.

11. Microwave master

(Image source: Reddit)

Tired of placing bowls one at a time? Here’s the winning fix from an expert slacker! 

12. Hands-free telephone

(Image source: cheezburger)

The first true hands-free technology unveils here.

Too lazy to go to the beach or pool? Then here’s an innovative way to spend summer WITHOUT leaving your home.

13. Balcony infinity pool

(Image source: Reddit)

Time to host a summer party in your balcony. Wait for it to collapse for the big finale—WATER SLIDE!

These next people walk their dogs without breaking a sweat.

14. Golf cart = dog walker

(Image source: dumpaday)

Too lazy to walk the dog? No problem they got a golf car!

If it’s stupid and it works, it’s not stupid. Because the next one will show you how parenting is actually done (if you’re lazy):

15. Parenting 101

(Image source: funtality)

This father swings his child while he remains unbothered! #legen

We all know how music festivals can be tiring from standing too much… Well, the next guy has the **ultimate tip** for you!

16. Music Festival Pro 

(Image source:

He just redefined laziness and utilized technology at the same time.

BUT next is the greatest attempt of a guy from towing a car with his feet—see how it works! 

17. Human tow

(GIF: superunleaded)

Car broke out in the middle of the road? Too lazy to call tow truck? 

Solution: Just push the car with your feet!

18. Self-mowing mower

(Image source:

We can’t define if it’s brilliance or sheer laziness… shhh just let the lawn mower mow the grass.

But I can’t wait to show you the next kid who improvised a smartphone viewer with an IKEA furniture!

19.  IKEA ‘Genius’

(Image source: Glen Tickle)

Welcome to Google Glass Beta.

These are the people who would skip the hard part… but that doesn’t mean they are lazy! You’ll see WHY if you scroll down…

20. Labor-less

Who says you should work hard when you CAN work smart? 

The proper term is **INGENIOUS.***

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