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25 of the Best Yearbook Quotes You Will Read This Week



Ahh… the yearbook–the physical memorabilia of the coolest or lamest four years of your lives. But, aside from the memories, it also holds the final words of the student body, leaving words they want to be remembered by. Some take it too seriously while others put on the funniest and realest things ever. Check out this list of the most memorable yearbook quotes of all time.

#1 Starting off intense.

#2 Well, just so we’re clear before you start singing.

#3 And she’s not ashamed of it!

#4 A student who knows her priorities.

#5 Everything changes, right?

#6 Now that’s a helpful disclaimer.

#7 This girl knows her checks and balances.

#8 Oops! Looks like someone’s finally out…of high school!

#9 He wants you to remember his name, obviously.

#10 Now we know who her inspiration was to keep her head in the game!

#11 High school IS the time for puberty.

#12 This one’s just perfect.

#13 The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

#14 Someone’s highly competitive.

#15 Somebody forgot to tell this dude it’s not like the movies at all.

#16 His kids are gonna have a cool dad.

#17 Only people who paid attention in Chemistry class can relate.

#18 This could have been a winning campaign for student body president.

#19 Hair flipping should be an official sport in high school.

#20 BFF Goals!

#21 So, whose fault is it?

#22 Don’t you just love how retro this one is?

#23 Well, he’s not wrong…

#24 Cool quote, but can we talk about that hair??

#25 And above all, a little self-love is important.

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