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31 Hollywood Actors That Don’t Get Cast Anymore. The Reasons Will Shock You!



Hollywood is the place where dreams are created, and stars are born. While it’s the dream for most, some seem to do good for only a time. The sad part is, their light quickly faded and never returned to the limelight. Let’s face it; the movie and TV industry is pretty straight-forward. One wrong move and you’re out. 

Although there’s no such thing as a Hollywood blacklist, many don’t get cast anymore. With that said, it’s not because they are not talented. In fact, the reasons will surprise you. Here are some Hollywood actors that don’t get cast anymore. 

Katherine Heigl 

Heigl used to be a sought after celebrity just a few years ago. Thanks to her effective playing of her roles in very important movies. Today, she’s been struggling to find work. It’s not as if she’s a bad actor or anything. The truth is, she was quoted to be a difficult person to work with. 

Grey's Anatomy': Why Katherine Heigl Will Never Come Back to the Show
Showbiz Cheat Sheet

She would question and edit her script without consent from the directors. Not only that. There are times when she would refuse to leave her trailer and wear inappropriate clothes. She would sometimes become mean to other staff, especially the low-ranked employees. 


Born Monique Angela Hicks. Mo’nique is an American actress and comedian. She started as a stand-up comedian. Later, she would debut as a member of The Queens of Comedy. She got her first Hollywood break in 2009 in the movie Precious. In 2010, she refused to work with her executives to campaign to win the Oscar. 

Why I'm Interested in What Oprah Did To Mo'Nique | by Ezinne Ukoha | Medium

That’s where she was blacklisted. While she feels wrongfully blacklisted because of the incident, however, her executives believe they just made the right decision. 

Charlie Sheen 

Charlie Sheen is an American actor. He has appeared in a number of films since 1986. His real name is Carlos Irwin Estevez. He was born on September 3, 1965, in New York. During his tenure on Two and a Half Men, he was already struggling with alcohol and drugs. His career took a downturn when he unintentionally mentioned his problem in an interview with Good Morning America. 

How Charlie Sheen lost $10m in blackmail plot which forced him to go public  with HIV diagnosis - Mirror Online
Mirror UK

The interview made him look deranged and unstable. As a result, he wasn’t invited to continue working with Two and a Half Men anymore. 

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber probably does know how to eat a burrito after all
USA Today

Born Justin Drew Bieber. He’s a Canadian singer and songwriter. He was discovered by Scooter Braun when he was 13 years old. Thanks to his YouTube cover songs. Justin didn’t just make a name in the music industry. He also appeared in several Hollywood movies. His bad behavior and antics got him blacklisted in Hollywood. 

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is not just a Hollywood superstar. In fact, he’s also a renowned film director, producer, and screenwriter. His most iconic movies were Lethal Weapon, Mad Max, Braveheart, etc. However, his career took a downward turn when he was involved in a terrible vehicular accident. 

Mel Gibson Loses Film Role Following Winona Ryder Allegations | Consequence  of Sound
Consequence of Sound

The worst part is, he was drunk. After the event, he became hostile to the press. Ten years later, he reformed himself and even claimed he is ready to go back to acting. However, Hollywood executives seem to believe otherwise. 

Dorothy Parker 

Parker is an American writer, poet, critic, and satirist. She’s also a famous screenwriter during the 1930s and 1940s. In fact, she wrote unbelievable screenplays for Alfred Hitchcock. However, she was accused of having ties to the communists. This ultimately ruined her career almost in an instant. 

These 20th Century Literary Titans Came to Hollywood—and Mostly Hated It
Los Angeles Magazine

In 1949, she received a letter stating she was getting blacklisted. The reasons are only tied to suspicion. 

Jim Caviezel

Why Hollywood Dropped Jim Caviezel - YouTube

Born James Patrick Caviezel, he was born on September 26, 1968. He’s an American actor who became famous for his role as Jesus Christ in The Passion of the Christ in 2004. The movie became a huge hit. The movie was criticized as over-dramatized, and the violent imagery met much backlash. As a result, Jim Caviezel was only cast in small roles since the movie.

CeeLo Green

CeeLo Green "Forget You" Cover 2020 - YouTube

CeeLo was an overnight sensation, thanks to his pop hit “F*** You.” He was born Thomas DeCarlo Callaway on May 30, 1975. He’s an American singer-songwriter, record producer, actor, businessman, and rapper. The hit of his single got him international acclaim, which gave him a seat in The Voice. He even got his own show. Unfortunately, he made a homophobic rant that cost him his career. 

Vince Vaughn

Born Vincent Anthony Vaughn on March 28, 1970. He was an American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and producer. Unfortunately for Vince Vaughn, his downfall came because of his unvarying acting. He played unchanging acting techniques, which resulted in him playing the same character. This happened for every movie he appeared in.

Vince Vaughn, 48, ditches his trademark curly locks | Daily Mail Online
Daily Mail

He brought his goofy character everywhere he goes, and in every movie he appeared in. In fact, he never dumped it while doing dramas. This is so true with his appearance in True Detective. Critics even said that it was a terrible season because of his boring character. 

Tippi Hedren 

Born Natalie Kay Hedren on January 19, 1930. Tippy was an American actress, former fashion model, and an animal rights activist. She’s a successful fashion model. In fact, she used to be on the cover of Life and Glamour magazines. Soon, Alfred Hitchcock cast her in two of his films, The Birds and Marnie.

Tinseltown Talks: Tippi Hedren Talks 'Marnie' at 50 | Entertainment |
The Daily Iten

Hitchcock tried many sexual advances with her but never succeeded. That made him furious, and swore she would never get casted in Hollywood again. He even froze her contract for two years before he sold it. While she was able to return after many years, however, her experience dulled her perspective of Hollywood. Eventually, she dropped her acting career and pursued a different cause, this time as an animal rights activist.

Isaiah Washington 

Isaiah Washington is an American actor and internet personality. He became famous for his role as Dr. Preston Burke for the TV series Grey’s Anatomy. Unfortunately, because of his outspoken homophobic standpoint, he called a homosexual coworker with a homosexual slur. As a result, he was suspended from the set. 

Actor Isaiah Washington Discusses Film Project 'Bound'
Spectrum News

After the famous TV series won a Golden Globe, he did the same thing to the same person. This mistake cost him his job, and excommunicated out of the industry.

Roseanne Barr

Rosanne Cherrie Barr is an American actress, writer, comedian, producer, and a presidential nominee. She started as a stand-up comedian before she appeared in her self-titled sitcom, Roseanne, from 1988-1997. She was cut just after her former show was picked up for a supposed reunion season. 

Roseanne Barr says former co-star Sara Gilbert destroyed her life -  Baltimore Sun
Baltimore Sun

She continually shared her racist views on social media. One time she tweeted something about former US president Barack Obama’s Senior Advisor. This prompted ABC to cancel her reunion season, and she has never been cast since then.

Kirk Cameron

Kirk Thomas Cameron is an American actor who became famous for his character as Mike Seaver in Growing Pains from 1985-1992. The role got him two nominations to the prominent Golden Globe Awards. After Growing Pains, he began voicing offensive Christan opinions. It seemed that he became passionate about sharing to different media outlets his contempt for what he referred to as “sinners.”

Growing Pains' star Kirk Cameron says his coronavirus quarantine routine  has brought his family closer | Fox News
Fox News

He was especially arrogant to women and homosexuals. Today, he’s more likely not to find any casting job.

Thora Birch

Birch is an American actress and producer who debuted in the movie Purple People Eater in 1988. She won the Young Artist Award as the Best Young Actress Under Nine Years of Age. She eventually rose to fame as a child star with the films All I Want For Christmas in 1991, Hocus Pocus in 1993, Now and Then in 1995, and Alaska in 1996.

Then and Now With Thora Birch - YouTube
Thora Birch

She was a promising child star until her father who also serves as her agent, assaulted one of his co-stars. Shortly after the incident, Birch was fired from the set. While she appeared in some small roles, unfortunately, her career never took off.


Born Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter is an American actress and singer. Thanks to her contributions to fashion, dance, and music, she has established herself as one of the most influential artists in pop history. 

Beyoncé And Sony/ATV Music Publishing Sign Global Agreement
PR Newswire

Beyonce wasn’t banned in Hollywood. However, two of her songs were blacklisted in China. Her song “Run the World” was considered inappropriate by the Chinese government. Also, she was banned in Malaysia because she did not comply with their strict dress code for women.

Rose McGowan

Rose Arianna McGowan is an American actress, author, singer, director, and activist. After her debut role for the movie Encino Man in 1992, her career took off, which allowed her to appear in many movies. She was one of the first people to voice about Harvey Weinstein’s hideous acts. Unfortunately, due to his influence in the industry’s elites, his victims were stifled and even banned immediately the moment they stepped forward. 

Rose McGowan on what she says happened when she first met Harvey Weinstein  Video - ABC News
ABC News

While the case resulted in a settlement outside of the court, Weinstein blacklisted her from making any films. She hasn’t been offered a casting ever since. 

Stacey Dash

Stacey Lauretta Dash is an American talk show host, actress, and activist. She played Dionne Marie Davenport in the movie Clueless in 1995. It was also followed by a TV series of the same name. She was once a hopeful democratic but later switched to becoming a racist conservative during president Obama’s term. 

Is Stacey Dash today's most hated woman in America?
The Mercury News

She became so open with her racism and anti-progressive that she was eventually fired from Fox News. But that didn’t stop her from posting racist hate on social media. Recently, he spoke openly about hate rants against homosexuals, transgenders, and even Jewish people.  Maybe Fox News was right about firing her. 

Sondra Locke 

Sondra Louise Anderson is an American actress and director. Her film debut was in 1968 in the movie The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. It got her nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Shortly after, she started dating Clint Eastwood, who at the time was a very prestigious figure in Hollywood.

Oscar-nominated actress Sondra Locke dies at 74; co-starred in 6 films with  Clint Eastwood - Chicago Tribune
Chicago Tribune

Unfortunately, they got into a messy breakup that it was rumored Clint Eastwood used his status to end Locke’s career. Although she started working again, however, she was never offered the same position. 

Martin Lawrence

Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence is a German-born American actor, producer, talk show host, comedian, and writer. He started in the 1990s, where he became an established Hollywood actor. Unfortunately, Martin Lawrence committed some of the most disgraceful sins, especially to women.

See How Martin Lawrence Paid Tribute to His Mom Chlora on What Would Have  Been Her 90th Birthday

He was banned from Saturday Night Live for interfering with the show to tell about the importance of feminine hygiene. Lawrence was a total creep to women on set and joked about being homophobic on some occasion. He’s still allowed to stay in Hollywood. 

Vanessa Wiliams 

Vanessa Williams - Husband, Age & Miss America - Biography

Vanessa Lynn Williams is an American actress, singer, and fashion designer. She gained prominence as the first African-American descent to receive the title of Miss America in 1983. Unfortunately, she was shunned because her nude photos were taken several years before. She was stripped of the title along with her casting offers. After a few years, she released a song that brought her back into the entertainment world. However, her title was never returned. 

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Launches His Own Wine Line

Calvin Cordozer Broadus Jr. is an American rapper and media personality. Snoop was never banned from Hollywood, but he got blacklisted numerous times in some countries because of smoking a lot of weed. He was even banned in Norway for trying to bring weed through customs. 

Natalie Maines 

Dixie Chicks' Natalie Maines makes a sudden and shocking exit from Twitter  | Rare Country
Rare Country

Natalie Maines is the lead vocalist of the famous all-female band The Chicks and Dixie Chicks. She was born in Lubbock, Texas. However, she was blacklisted on Television because she spoke openly against President Bush’s plan to attack Iraq. Fortunately, her band didn’t suffer despite her unpatriotic perspective. 

Lloyd Bridges 

Airplane 1 And 2 ( Lloyd Bridges ) - YouTube

Lloyd Vernet Bridges is an American TV actor who appeared in over 150 films. He was born on January 15, 1913. He rose to fame in the 50s but was later blacklisted because of his ties with the communist party. Bridges admitted that he used to be a member of the Actor’s Laboratory Theatre. The group was linked to the Communist party. 

Vanessa Marquez

Vanessa Rosalia Marquez is an American actress. She was known for her regular role in the TV show ER, where she played Wendy Goldman, a nurse. She also played the role of Ana Delgado in Stand and Deliver in 1988. Marquez accused George Clooney of causing her to be blacklisted. However, later it was proven to be untrue. 

ER' actress fatally shot after pointing fake gun at police | The Times of  Israel
The Times Of Israel

Unfortunately, she suffered from mental health problems and was shot and killed by the police in her home in L.A. 

Mira Sorvino

Mira Sorvino Apologizes to Dylan Farrow for Working With Woody Allen

Mira Katherine Sorvino is an American actress. She won Best Supporting Actress in the Golden Globe and Academy Award for the movie Mighty Aphrodite in 1995. Mira Sorvino was one of the victims of Weinstein. However, she’s fortunate to make it out fine. That’s because she was unblacklisted after her accusations were confirmed. 

Ashley Judd

Ashley Tyler Ciminella is an American actress and a political activist. She grew up in an acting environment. Her mother is a country music singer Naomi Judd while her half-sister is Wynonna Judd. Just like Mira Sorvino and Rose McGowan, she also refused Harvey Weinstein’s sexual advances.

Ashley Judd slams those criticizing her appearance
Nicki Swift

She took the matter to court and settled for a couple of million dollars.  Fortunately, she was unblacklisted after the case was finished. 

Corey Fieldman

Corey Scott Fieldman is an American actor, singer, voice actor, and activist. He became famous in the 80s because of his roles in youth-oriented films. His movies include Gremlins in 1984, The Goonies in 1985, and Stand by Me in 1986. 

Corey Feldman on Elijah Wood Hollywood Pedophilia Controversy: "I Would  Love to Name Names" | Hollywood Reporter
Hollywood Reporter

Corey Fieldman was blacklisted after he openly spoke about the ‘underground pedophile ring’ in Hollywood. Sadly, nobody believed him during the time. Today, it’s fortunate that people are taking his words seriously. 

Azealia Banks 

Azealia Banks Interview: No, She's Not Here to Apologize

Azealia Amanda Banks is an American singer and songwriter. She’s also a rapper and actress. Banks grew up in Harlem, New York. She started releasing music through MySpace in 2008. Banks always try to butt her way into Hollywood events uninvited. Recently, she was blacklisted for her homophobia, body shaming, and opinions on Twitter. 

Lindsay Lohan

After Over A Decade, Lindsay Lohan Is Finally Dropping New Music – Mother  Jones
Mother Jones

Lindsay Dee Lohan is an American actress, singer, entrepreneur, and songwriter. She was born and raised in New York. As a child, she was first signed to Ford Models. Unfortunately, Lindsay Lohan’s career got to an abrupt end when she snapped for a number of occasions during her career. The stress of the spotlight led her to substance abuse. Today, she isn’t cast to do any movies. 

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham Takes 11-Year-Old Daughter To Botox Appointment
The Blast

Farrah Abraham is an American reality TV personality. She was born in Omaha, Nebraska but raised in Council Bluffs, Iowa. She became famous for her appearance in the reality TV series, 16 and Pregnant in 2009. Today, she’s seen as a stain on the red carpet. Everything happened in a downward spiral after Teen Mom. Today, she gets kicked out at every party she tries to crash. 

Courtney Love

Courtney Love filmography - Wikipedia

Courtney Michelle Love is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She started her career in the 1990s. She became famous as the lead vocalist of the band Hole. After her husband (Kurt Cobain)’s death, her acting career was blacklisted on the big screen. However, she continued to shine in the music industry for four decades.

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