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Bermuda Triangle Secrets Unveiled



Odd Occurrences

This place has always been shrouded in mystery and controversy. Chances are, you’ve already probably heard about this place multiple times. Whether it’d be from the news, books, and even movies, people can’t seem to stop wondering about the strange disappearances that occurred in this place. 

But what is it with the Bermuda Triangle that draws people to know more? 


The name “Bermuda Triangle” wasn’t used until 1964 when a man named Vincent Gatos who was writing for GoSee magazine, was doing a story about the strange disappearances occurring in the area.

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The magazine described the place as an area with an uncommon amount of disappearances of ships and planes.

The first incident

The first recorded story in the Bermuda triangle was written by none other than Christopher Colombus during his famous voyage in discovering America. 

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He noted how his compass would start malfunctioning and how he and his crew witnessed strange lights appearing before them, but it wasn’t until the 20th century that the public started gaining interest in the mysterious area.

USS Cyclops

On March 4, 1918, America’s largest fuel ship at that time known as the USS Cyclops, disappeared without a trace. 

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It was estimated that more than 300 passengers were on board and all of them went missing after the ship passed by north of Barbados. What’s even stranger is that the captain was said to have never sent a distress signal. Other ships that were around the area would try to reach them, but to no avail, they never received a reply from anyone on the ship. But ships weren’t the only ones missing…

Flight 19

On December 5, 1945, five TBM Avenger Torpedo Bombers were tasked to fly a three-legged triangular route as bomb practice runs. The team was led by instructor Lieutenant Charles Taylor, he was in charge of 14 men. 


They departed around 2:10 in the afternoon and they made sure that the weather was safe for flying…


Similar to the previously recorded stories, the passengers of the planes had trouble with their compasses. This flight happened during a time where Global Positioning Systems (GPS) weren’t invented yet and pilots had to rely on traditional tools. But turns out, it was proven unreliable.


As they were flying through the area, the pilots started to notice how their compasses were malfunctioning.

Odd Experience

It was crazy! They had never experienced such a thing occurring before, but the team of pilots and their leader tried to stay calm as much as they could.

(Sun Sentinel)

Taylor tried to come up with a plan. He stayed resilient and tried not to let the pressure get to him.

Taylor’s plan

Taylor formulated a plan. He told his team that in case the first plane’s fuel level drops below 10 gallons, all five planes are asked to ditch the sea. 


But it seems his plan wasn’t going as smoothly as he thought it would. It was getting increasingly difficult navigating above the ocean and they couldn’t see any landmarks. The sky started to change to a darker color…

The planes

They were called the “Iron birds” for their extremely rugged structure. The plane weighed over 10,000 pounds and officials said that they were built like tanks. Pilots loved using them for their indestructible nature. 


But the possibility of surviving a crash from a plane of this size was slim. The wreckage should also be easily seen, but it wasn’t the case with this particular flight…


As the planes were traveling above the Bermuda triangle, Taylor would send in transmissions consistently. His transmissions were increasingly sounding more and more distressed as time passed by. 

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“We can’t find West, everything is wrong. We can’t be sure of any direction. Everything looks strange, even the ocean,” Taylor said. Soon enough, a team of rescue planes was dispatched.

Rescue Planes

PBB Mariner, also commonly known as the “flying gas tank” was dispatched to look for the missing group of planes led by Taylor. The plane carried a crew of 13 passengers inside. 

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Unfortunately, it too would disappear. People from a ship around the area reported seeing a huge fireball around the same time the plane was dispatched. But nobody could explain what caused the two tragedies from occurring.

Pilot error?

As Taylor’s family mourned for the death of their beloved relative, the Navy’s final report initially blamed Taylor for the entire incident. They said that the tragedy that ensued with Flight 19 was due to “pilot error” and Taylor’s family was not happy about this. 

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The Navy eventually changed its final verdict. “We are not even able to make a good guess as to what happened,” they wrote on their remarks. 

Is it supernatural?


Although there had been lots of stories and superstitions surrounding the strange disappearances in the Bermuda triangle, there are some theories that suggest that it may not be a supernatural case at all. 

Naturally Dangerous?

It is said in one theory that the Bermuda triangle may just be a place that is naturally dangerous for sailing. After all, multiple tropical storms would pass by the area and the unpredictable weather conditions may cause water spots or water tornadoes to form. 

(Christian Science Monitor) 

But how does it explain the disappearing wreckage?

Deep Trenches

The Bermuda triangle is also known to have one of the deepest underwater trenches stretching up to 27,500 feet while most of its seafloor measures to about 19,000 feet.


It’s possible that the wreckage sunk so deep that it’s nearly impossible to find them. 

Supernatural theories

The Bermuda triangle is no stranger to supernatural theories as well. In the 1970s, a writer named Charles Benitz was convinced that the lost city of Atlantis could have possibly sunk deep below the Bermuda triangle. 


He said that the city could possibly be thriving right now thanks to their advanced technology and that the missing passengers might be living among the advanced civilization now. 


Another strange theory is that the Bermuda triangle is actually a gateway to another universe. Some people strongly believe this is true due to the unusual travel times that occur whenever a plane flies through the region. 


One account seems to present strong evidence about this claim.

Electronic Fog

A pilot named Bruce Gernon shared his experience when he flew over the Bermuda triangle back in the 1970s. He said that his plane seems to have been submerged in a gray haze and described the entire area as an “electronic fog.” 


He wasn’t able to see anything and flew blindly through the air. Fortunately, he was able to arrive safely to his destination but he arrived there several minutes earlier. His total flight was only around 40 minutes when his estimated flight should have been 90 minutes in total. Another interesting thing to note is how his compass also failed to work… could there be another reason for this? 

Magnetic Phenomenon

This theory has actually been proven. The Bermuda triangle is a place where the true north and magnetic north line up. This could possibly explain why all the accounts never fail to mention how the compasses don’t work within the area. 

(Daily Express)

Lightning storms also occur often in the area which intensifies the magnetic fields. This could cause radio interference and machine failure as well. 


Although there have been several theories created, the Bermuda triangle still remains to be shrouded in mystery even today. There is still no accurate explanation as to why the phenomena and disappearances occurred within the area. 


It seems up until now, the mysteries surrounding the Bermuda triangle still remain unsolved.

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