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Cancer Survivor Fights Another Battle After Her Dog Mysteriously Disappeared



Wagging Tail

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Kameroun tapped her foot in anticipation as she let out shaky breaths. Every car that passed by made her head perk up. What if everything wasn’t real? She shook her head, trying to erase the negative thoughts in her. Kameroun was hoping it was the vehicle she had been waiting for when a black car finally pulled up behind her. As soon the car door swung open, tiny footsteps emerged. Kameroun’s heart pounded so fast as she recognized the incoming noises. Everything was real! She broke into tears before someone could run into her with a happy wagging tail.

The Answer

(Facebook: Kameron Mares)

Being diagnosed with leukemia during Kameroun Mares’ youth took a huge effect not just on her physical, but also on her mental state. She also developed a major depressive disorder as time went by. But before Kameroun let herself sunk deep into the darkness, she found the best way to help herself. And it was getting a furry companion—a dog.

Finding the Perfect Pup

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But before Kameroun could commit for a lifetime pal, she researched the different breeds and its behaviors. When her eyes fixated on an article about the siberian husky, she determined that it was the perfect dog for her lifestyle. Kameroun could now envision herself running on the green fields with an energetic husky. A smile crept into her face. She was ready.

Faithful One

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She was excited to welcome her new dog, Semper Fidelis, which was the motto of the US Marine Corps that meant for “always faithful.” Kameroun was not wrong because her life became brighter and filled with joy with Semper now on her side. The dog never stopped being such a big ball of energy as they grew up together. But after a while, Kameroun didn’t expect that she would face some challenges about Semper.

Struggles Of A Pet Parent

Owning a husky requires an active lifestyle since they were used to running long distances. So Kameroun had troubles whenever she took out Semper for a walk. The dog would always pull and tug its leash despite how strong Kameroun resisted. If Semper wanted to sniff to the other side of the road, he would use all his force.

(Facebook: Kameron Mares)

Kameroun, however, tried her best to grip the leash within her palm because she knew it would be a bigger problem if her dog broke free. Then the day came when her nightmare really happened. Semper has suddenly gone missing.


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Semper was there when Kameroun was battling with her illness. The dog loved her unconditionally. That was why Kameroun became dependent on him sometimes. Without Semper, it felt like a part of her was missing. So when Kameroun had to move from California to Florida, she made sure that Semper flew with her. But this was the start of real trouble.

Back to California

When they both relocated to Florida, the doctor gave her the bad news that the medication she had been receiving couldn’t be covered in a different state. Kameroun had no other choice but to go back to California for her treatment. However, it would be too stressful for Semper to travel along again, so she had to leave him in Florida for a while.

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The good thing was that Kameroun had a roommate who could look after Semper while she was away. After she arrived in California, her instincts told her that something was off. Kameroun thought she was just being anxious because it was her first time to be separated from Semper. But turns out, she was right all along…


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One day, Kameroun’s phone rang and it was from her roommate. She felt a lump on her chest as she answered the call. “He escaped through the front door.” were the last words of her roommate that made her entire body freeze. “Did he have a collar on?” Kameroun asked with trembling fingers. Her roommate could only reply with a faint, “I don’t know.”

Where Did He Go?

Her mind began to shut down, unwilling to think anymore. A mixture of shock and devastation overwhelmed her emotions. Kameroun paced back and forth in her room, trying to return to her senses. When an idea suddenly struck her, she dashed to her table and clutched her phone again.

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Kameroun went to her gallery and selected Semper’s photos. Then she quickly composed a message on her social media and clicked share with the pictures attached. Kameroun hoped that the internet would help her find her dog. She went to the Facebook groups for pets to search for possible sightings of a missing dog, but to no avail.


When Kameroun went back to Florida, she had fliers on her hand. She started posting it on every corner of different places. She also searched in local vets and shelters. Two years went by, and there were still no leads for Semper. Kameroun felt utterly lost. She took the blame the whole time…but there was another one who should be blamed.

The Microchip


Her depression came rushing back again, and she was even more lifeless. The piercing pain Kameroun felt from her heart never left her ever since the absence of Semper. And as if it was already her routine, she took out her laptop to check if there was an update from his microchip records. She wasn’t expecting anything, but the records suddenly loaded that made Kameroun’s face washed blank.

Strange Record

There was a new record that emerged in Semper’s microchip. Kameroun creased her forehead because the record was unfamiliar and it wasn’t supposed to be there.

(American Kennel Club)

The primary registration should be under American Kennel Club, however, a different name appeared on the screen of her laptop. Kameroun read it as “PetKey,” and it was registered after Semper went missing. She was a skeptic and had a huge hunch. So Kameroun knew exactly what to do. She grabbed her phone then dialed the numbers of a private investigator and a lawyer. 


Ana Campos Investigations (ACI) handled the case of Semper. With the new lead regarding the PetKey, they discovered a piece of bewildering information. It revealed that the dog never escaped from the apartment because someone intentionally took him away. But it was contradicting to her roommate’s statement!

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He claimed that Semper dashed off using the front door and never came back. Clearly, the roommate was lying. The investigator stated that her roommate was the one who stole Semper and sold him right after. Kameroun was even more baffled when they found out that he sold her precious dog for just $200! But would she ever be reunited with Semper again?

In Law’s Eyes

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After investigators tracked the dog, Kameroun had to face a legal battle. She brought the case to the court and appealed her rights as Semper’s real owner. She won the case right away, and the authorities went to take the dog back to its rightful owner. A heartwarming scene was even recorded by Ana Campos when Semper finally reunited with Kameroun. She shared the video on social media with a caption, “Watch at your own risk of crying immediately. Here is the video and audio from Kameroun Mares’ reunion with her dog Semper today.”

United Again

From the footage, it was seen that Semper was riding the sheriff’s vehicle. When they reached the location where Kameroun was, the dog saw her through the car window. His tail started wagging endlessly as he recognized her. Semper couldn’t contain his excitement that he paced up and down from the seat.

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(The Dodo)

The whole vehicle was shaking from his big movements. So they quickly opened the car door and Semper sprang right away. Kameroun felt the tears roll down her cheeks after she locked eyes with her dog. “Semper!” She called him in a high-pitched tone. The dog’s ears perked up immediately from the familiarity of the voice.

Genuine Happiness

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(The Dodo)

After hearing his name, Semper wanted to break out from the leash that was holding him in. The sheriff felt his desperation, so he released the dog. Semper with lightning speed dashed to Kameroun, who was already bawling in tears. He jumped to her owner and showered her with slobbering kisses. His tail was wagging vigorously, showing how much he missed Kameroun after two long years. Semper has never forgotten the sound of her voice, the scent, and the face of his favorite human. Kameroun embraced him tightly, making sure no one could tear them apart ever again.

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