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Woman Flipped Out After Her Dog Got Stolen, Then She Made A Bold Move Against The Perpetrators!



The Revenge

(instagram: thetinywolves)

Hatred smoldered on Jess’s eyes as she intently watched the couple walk in the station looking so casual. Her palms shut tight when her eyes darted to her treasure that they took away while she was unaware. Jess made a vow to herself that she would never let the couple escape, not with her prized possession on their filthy hands. She felt the anger boiling within her. Jess clenched her jaw as she was hungry for vengeance.

Instagram Celebrities

(instagram: thetinywolves)

Fidel, a 15-year-old Chihuahua mix, had always been Jess Gary’s prized possession. Jess adored her dogs so much that she created an Instagram account called “thetinywolves,” where she posts photos and videos of them. Because of their undeniable charms, her dogs gained a lot of fans. But Jess would never have thought that their fame would rise even more after the bold move she did in saving her precious Fidel.

Walk in the Park

(instagram: thetinywolves)

Fidel had his dog best friend named Tito, whom he enjoyed walking in the park with. During Saturdays, Jess would bring them over the area where plenty of dogs hang out. Fidel and Tito had their incredible playtime with canine companions. They would run and roll on the green grass and play fetch with other dog owners as well. That was why Jess would usually take off their leashes. However, today, it was a bad idea.


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(Cool NYC Events)

It was Saturday in Prospect Park, Jess took out Fidel and Tito for a walk. She removed their leashes and let them roam free. While they were strolling, Jess stared at the scenery of nature. Her dogs were busy sniffing trees and bushes, so she had no worries. The relaxing breeze sweeping through her skin made Jess sink deeper into thoughts. Suddenly, the sound of suspecting steps tailed behind them, and Jess still hadn’t noticed.


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It was a man that was sneaking away from Jess’s view. He made his footsteps as light as he could and followed everywhere Jess went. But he wasn’t aiming for her. Because his eyes were glued to Fidel and Tito, who were distracted by every sight and smell they encountered. Then when he saw a good opportunity, he made a swift move.


thetinywolves. SWIPE FOR FULL FIDEL STORY: News of Fidel’s safe return has spread and
(instagram: thetinywolves)

Jess was still in a trance, unaware that one of her dogs was captured behind her. When she turned her head to check her pets, her eyes widened because Fidel was no longer there. Jess’s faced washed blank and tension grew on her as she searched frantically for the missing dog.

Her Nightmare

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She looked on every bush and path he could possibly take. But there were no signs of his precious dog. Fear started to elevate on Jess as her breathing got heavier every second. Then negative thoughts rushed through her head. She could only hope that nothing bad happened to Fidel. Losing her dog was one of her greatest fears and it just happened.



Unfortunately, there were no people around the park. She doesn’t have any witnesses or leads for her missing dog. The pain of helplessness pierced through her heart—Jess wanted to cry. But she sucked up her tears and continued searching for Fidel until the sun set. She looked and asked everywhere, but no one saw Fidel. When the park closed, hope started to drain from her. She had no other choice but to go back home with just a leash on her hand.

Restless Without Him

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The thought that someone abducted her dog struck her. But what could be the intention? Jess was far away from her inner peace. She couldn’t even sleep a wink knowing that Fidel might be having a hard time, or worse, hurt. Jess immediately sat up on her bed and grabbed her phone. She started posting on every social media platform about her missing dog. The next morning, Jess began to call the authorities, local animal shelters, and vets. But none of them had good news. Until a piece of information came to her, someone had seen Fidel.

Key Information

thetinywolves. UPDATE - FOUND!!! Updates rolling in that #FindFidel is getting local
(instagram: thetinywolves)

According to the source, a man in his thirties grabbed her dog. It was reported that the man was tall and skinny with curly blonde hair. He was last seen around Atlantic Station. Jess didn’t waste another minute and rushed to the said location. Anger was an understatement to describe what she felt. Jess wanted to crush every bone of his body for taking the precious dog away from her.

Spotted Suspect

thetinywolves. \"when do they turn into chimkin nuggers?\"
(instagram: thetinywolves)

Jess called her two best friends and asked them to meet her at the station. While in her car, they began looking on every corner and examined every man that passed by. It didn’t take long for them until they saw the suspect. But there was a woman on his side. Jess noticed the leash on the woman’s hand, and her heart pondered instantly when she saw the end of the strap—it was Fidel!


thetinywolves. Fall days with the men in my life ????: @iluvlizlemon
(instagram: thetinywolves)

The couple was walking confidently as if they didn’t steal the dog. Jess felt her blood boil. Her friends noticed her hardened face and tried to calm her down, but there was no effect on her. Fury came faster as she screamed her lungs out, “That’s Fidel!” Before her friends could react, Jess already dashed out of the car and ran towards the couple like a destructive lava.


thetinywolves. Guess what bitches, I'm back. My mom and crime fighting aunts got me b
(instagram: thetinywolves)

The couple was caught off guard when Jess grabbed Fidel towards her. The woman’s yell echoed through the area as she reached out for the strap. But Jess pulled the leash as fast as she could until it was out of the woman’s hold. In a heartbeat, Jess was able to get away from them and ran back to her car. But when she was about to extend her hands to the door, the man sprinted towards her.

Ruthless Man

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Jess entered the car as the man was about to grab her. Good thing, her reflex was to shut the door immediately. Jess shouted to start the car, but the man blocked their left. He aggressively fumbled the door handle like it was going to break. Then it came to his realization that the door was locked, and the man had no chance of getting Jess out. But he had another way, the man took off his backpack and pulled out a skateboard.


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The man raised his skateboard and started hitting their car window. The women inside the car screamed in horror, but Jess was still on her senses. She climbed on the driver’s seat and started the engine again. Jess stepped on the gas and drove away from the furious man. The first destination that came to her mind was the NYPD (New York Police Department). Would the police believe her after they caused a scene?


thetinywolves. Happy national mutt day from these one-of-a-kind weirdos! #nationalmut
(instagram: thetinywolves)

The police concluded that Jess had done nothing wrong and cleared from her actions. When CBS interviewed Jess, the media asked her if she stole the dog, but Jess responded that she just brought her dog to his rightful home. But what happened to the real suspect?

No Trace

Image result for suspects silhouette

Jess had a hunch that the woman who walked his dog was an accomplice of the man. Or there might also be a possibility that the man illegally sold Fidel to the woman. Whatever it was, Jess wanted both of them to be punished by law. However, the police still haven’t found any traces of the suspects.


Image result for findfidel
(New York Post)

Their fans were extremely worried about Fidel, so Jess had to post an update on their Instagram account. They all rejoiced once they heard that Fidel found his way back to Jess’s warmth. She assured everyone that the dog was unharmed and well. However, Jess was still on edge because of the hundreds of fliers she frantically posted everywhere in their town. Jess couldn’t remember the exact location of the posters anymore.


Jess used her hashtag #FindFidel again to write another request to the people in their area, “It was a scary altercation, so we would appreciate help getting the signs down as they have personal contact information on them. THANK YOU everyone who helped posting online and in person. We are so moved by the community that rallied around us both in NYC and LA. This was an amazing effort—we did this together!”

thetinywolves. This is how we nap. #triplespoon
(instagram: thetinywolves)

Today was the start for Jess in becoming more attentive and cautious whenever she would take her dogs out. She had to be aware because people had a lot of unpredicted intentions. She would never have thought that someone would abduct her dog! Thankfully, she was able to save Fidel right away because of the people that helped her and prayed for her dog’s safety.

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