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Excited Mom Sneaked Into Daughter’s Dorm, Discovers Something Embarrassing Instead



A mother’s love

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Most of us have experienced it, whether it’s with our biological mom or not, we can all collectively agree that experiencing maternal love is one of the best feelings in the world. Most mothers would do anything to spend more time with their beloved children but too much of everything isn’t good, could too much maternal love actually be bad? 

Deanna and Mckenna 

Deanna Pilling had always been close to her daughter, Mckenna. They would do almost everything together! Deanna had also seen all of Mckenna’s precious milestones in life. This is why this sweet mom seemed to have grown too attached to her daughter. 

(Facebook/McKenna Pilling)

Mckenna grew up to become a nice young lady and when it was finally time to decide which university she wanted to attend, Deanna felt a bit worried. 

Growing up

After Mckenna finished high school, it was finally time for her to decide which university to enroll in. Mckenna has lived with her mom in New York all her life and when her mom found out that she has decided to go to Utah State University, her mom became worried. 

(Facebook/McKenna Pilling)

Normally, Deanna was always supportive of her daughter’s decisions as long as she knows it would be good for her but will she be able to accept Mckenna’s biggest decision so far? 


After thoroughly contemplating her daughter’s decision, Deanna finally accepted Mckenna’s request. In order for her daughter to grow, she needs to let her go. Of course, the two had to come up with a compromise and Mckenna agreed that she would visit her family during vacation. 

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But will Deanna be patient enough to wait for her daughter to visit?

A plan

Everything has been going well for Mckenna. She has been attending her classes consistently and had no problems with keeping up with her lessons. But after several months of not being able to see her family, Mckenna decided that it’s time to pay her folks a visit over the summer.

(Facebook/McKenna Pilling

But little did Mckenna know, her mom had a secret plan up her sleeve.

Deanna’s shenanigans

Deanna knew that her daughter would be flying home soon but she couldn’t help but want to surprise her beloved daughter. She thought that it would be a funny and nice surprise to pay her daughter a visit the day before she flies back to New York.


So she immediately booked a flight to Utah and tried to set her plan in motion. 

Booking her flight

Fortunately for Deanna, she was able to book a last-minute flight to Utah. As she was waiting to board her plane, Deanna tried to call Mckenna in hopes of asking her what her plans were for the night. 

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Deanna tried to call a few times but her daughter was unable to pick up. When it was clear that Mckenna was unavailable, Deanna stopped trying to call in order to remain inconspicuous. Deanna then felt anxious about her plan, could it be a bad idea? What if Mckenna wasn’t there? But Deanna was about to board her plane, and it was too late to turn back. 

Traveling to Utah

Deanna safely arrived in Utah after her five-hour flight. But she still has to ride a cab to Mckenna’s University. 


As Deanna was traveling to Mckenna’s university, she noticed that her phone started to ring. She took her phone out and checked, it was Mckenna. 

Phone call

It seems Mckenna was curious about why her mother had called her earlier. She wondered if her mom was worried or if she just wanted to confirm if she’s going home to New York soon, curious about her mom’s intentions, she dialled up her mom’s number. 

(Kim Komando)

As Deanna was on her way to Mckenna, her phone suddenly started ringing while she was riding a cab. She answered her phone but when she heard her daughter’s voice she started to panic. Deanna then abruptly hung up. 

At the campus

When Deanna finally arrived at the campus, she felt overwhelmed. It was crowded and the place was swarming with students. It had been more than 9 months since she last visited the campus, and it was during the time when she helped Mckenna move into her dorm.


Deanna took a deep breath and let out a huge sigh as she quietly strolled around the campus, trying to familiarize herself once again. 


As Deanna was walking around campus, she realized something. She doesn’t know where her daughter is right now. “What if she sees me first? It might spoil the surprise!” she thought to herself. So Deanna did her best to stay hidden by keeping her head down and not making eye contact with any of the students. Afterall, Mckenna’s friends might also recognize her.


Will she be able to make it to Mckenna’s dorm without getting caught? 

Finding Mckenna’s dorm

Deanna walked tirelessly around the hallways. She felt a bit lost at first as she wandered around aimlessly through the campus. But Deanna felt at ease when she started recognizing familiar faces walking around the building. 


She finally saw her daughter’s dorm! Happy about her achievement she tried to enter the building without getting noticed. 

Getting in

Deanna was nervous. She was able to let herself inside her daughter’s dorm but she’s unsure if Mckenna was even there. She tried to recall the last time she saw her daughter and she realized it had been the longest time that they were apart. 


She patiently rode the elevator up to Mckenna’s room.

Finding her room

Deanna walked out of the elevator and wandered around the hallways, trying to find her daughter’s room. After walking around the halls for a while, Deanna finally found what she thought to be her daughter’s room.

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She stood outside the door for a while and knocked. No answer. She knocked again. Nobody answered again. It was apparent that nobody was at home. She wondered where Mckenna could possibly be, but Deanna was so excited that she tried to turn the doorknob. 

Opening doors

After turning the doorknob, Deanna was surprised and disappointed. Mckenna’s door was unlocked! How could she? She had always warned her daughter about the dangers of leaving her door open. 

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Deanna then had an idea, she tried to let herself in. 

Seeing other girls

Deanna entered the room, and she was surprised to see some unfamiliar faces. The girls inside the room were packing their things up. Feeling a little shy, Deanna waved hello to the girls and tried to look for Mckenna’s bed. 


As Deanna scanned the room, what she thought was Mckenna’s bed had no posters around it and had no indication of Mckenna’s things. 

All packed up

Deanna saw piles of boxes neatly lined up beside the bed. “She must have packed,” Deanna thought to herself. She then walked over to her daughter’s bed and sat on it. The exhaustion from traveling finally caught up with her, she thought that it would be a good idea to just wait for her daughter in her dorm.

(Daily Nebraskan)

She put her bags down and her feet up the bed and lied down.

Staying awake

Deanna tried her best to stay awake, Afterall, it would be a bit rude of her if her daughter catches her sleeping on her bed without permission. 

(Facebook/McKenna Pilling)

While trying to stay awake, Deanna suddenly had a fun idea.


Bored and tired, Deanna took a selfie on the bed and sent it to her daughter. She was expecting that Mckenna would be surprised when she sees the message. But it was Deanna who was surprised by her daughter’s reply.

(Twitter/McKenna Pilling)

“Where’s that?” Mckenna replied. Deanna could not understand how Mckenna was unable to recognize her bed. Confused, she then told Mckenna that she was inside her dorm. Deanna was not ready for what Mckenna was about to reveal to her.

Epic fail

It turns out, Mckenna was inside her dorm all this time. So, if Mckenna was inside her dorm the whole time, then how did her mother not notice her? Well, Deanna was actually in the wrong dorm all along! 

( Twitter/McKenna Pilling )

“I felt sick to my stomach because I’ve already said ‘hi’ to several people in the dorm and they probably have no idea who I was,” Deanna shared. 

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