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Guy Encounters An Old Lady in Grocery, Gets Instant Karma - Koi Pop
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Guy Encounters An Old Lady in Grocery, Gets Instant Karma



Red Letter


Kasey’s attention landed on a leather folder lying on a table in the restaurant. He recalled a woman and her family sitting in that area, but they vanished into thin air while he was serving other tables. They were acting strange from the beginning and Kasey was too busy to monitor everyone. His forehead creased on the first thing his eyes landed upon unfolding the tab. It was a napkin with letters written on red ink, “My mother did not need you to help her.” Realization flashed on Kasey’s face. Every cell in his body electrified as he discovered another item hidden behind the napkin.


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(Nation’s Restaurant News)

A restaurant in Dallas, Texas, was always packed with customers. Unfortunately, it was still short-staffed, and Kasey Simmons was one of the servers. He was used to this kind of fast-paced work, but no matter how swift he was, the orders in line never run out. Sometimes it can be really draining and confusing to him just like today when a specific family walked inside their restaurant.

The Family 

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A woman with her family was lucky to spot an empty table, where they sat down and calmly waited for Kasey to take their orders. “Hey, my name’s Kasey.” He greeted them with a smile. But he wanted to give them a heads up, “I’m just letting you know that I am so far behind.” Kasey had no other choice but, to be honest and informed the family that they would be likely to serve in 45 minutes. Upon hearing Kasey’s words, the woman frowned.

Not His Day


Kasey offered the family a drink in an attempt to reconcile with the delayed service. It was dinner time, and Kasey already predicted that the bell from the restaurant’s door would never stop chiming. But more than the customers piling in, complaints from other tables started rising as well. Today was definitely not Kasey’s day. 

Sudden Desire

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Another table called out for Kasey, and for sure, it was another complaint! He had no control over the situation, especially since he was an army of one and had no other staff to help him out. Kasey was suddenly dominated by thoughts of throwing his name tag and calling it quits. He wanted to walk away from the restaurant so bad, but his dire need for money stopped him from doing so.


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Kasey worked the best he could, but he knew he was about to reach his limits. The waiter stomped into the backdoor and met the management of their restaurant. He requested assistance even for that night only. But Kasey’s plead was refused immediately and ordered him to go back to his work. Kasey, however, was too worn out to argue, so he went back to serving other customers. Although he could already feel his fatigue building up, the waiter never slackened his pace. Kasey had no idea what kind of revelation was waiting for him at the other table.

His Only Light

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(The Jakarta Post)

The life of a waiter was quite difficult. There were days like this when the amount of work was beyond his pay grade. So the only way he could retrieve and depend on was from the tips that came from the customers. That was why Kasey went back in service and brushed off the negativities that was racking up inside him. He scurried his way to the woman and her family to apologize and take their orders. But when the woman finally spoke, Kasey was dumbstruck.


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With an unreadable expression, the woman told Kasey that they would be just ordering a bottle of flavored water because they have to leave. Guilt sat on Kasey’s chest since the family was waiting for an hour, and he could only serve them drinks. So he rushed to handed the woman her order and the leather folder for the bill. Kasey gave her an apologetic smile as the woman searched for her wallet. However, the woman’s face dropped.

Short on Cash

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Kasey didn’t charge them anymore the drinks he offered, so the bill was only 74 cents for the woman’s flavored water. But it took a while for a woman to scrambled on her coin purse after she realized that she didn’t have the cash. So she shyly asked Kasey if she could pay the bill with her two credit cards each in split amount. Kasey nodded and hurried to process the payment so he could proceed on the next table.


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After serving other customers, Kasey returned to the family. But when he reached their table, all their traces left except for that one leather folder. Kasey’s guilt haunted him once again. He assumed that the family left disappointed. He regretted not serving them better. Kasey sighed and picked up the leather folder on the table. But when he checked the item, he was caught off guard.

Gratuity Line

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In the receipt, there was always a blank line for the tip. The customer would write down the amount they wanted to give to the server. Kasey wasn’t expecting any written numbers. But when his eyes scanned through the receipt… there was a staggering amount of $500.37! Kasey thought it might be just a mistake but behind the receipt was actually a stack of cash and coins. The waiter couldn’t believe the money on his hands. His vision became a blur, and tears started to drip on the leather folder. Yet Kasey had to blink a couple of times when he noticed another paper on the folder.

What Was Written?

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There was a sheet of a napkin with words written on red ink. “On behalf of the Sullivan family, I want to thank you for being the person you are. On one of the most depressing days of the year, (the death of my father’s 3-year anniversary), you made my mother’s day wonderful. She has been smiling since you did what you did.” Kasey was puzzled, but when he continued reading the rest of the note, everything started to dawn on him.

An Old Lady

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It was morning when Kasey was on his regular grocery errands. He was placing items on his cart when his attention immediately shifted to an old lady in front of him. Kasey observed the old lady, and she looked very distressed. Because there was evidence on her face that she had been crying. When the old lady and Kasey locked eyes, he had a sudden urge to cheer her up. So Kasey did something beyond his expectation.

Spreading Positivity

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Kasey approached the old lady, “It’s not raining inside. There’s no reason to look so down. I’m sure you have a beautiful smile because you are a beautiful lady.” He said while beaming her a smile. However, the lady never responded, and Kasey understood since she looked like she was having a really rough day. But he wanted to brighten her even just for a little bit, so Kasey went to the old lady again.


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Kasey didn’t waive and thought of other ways to cheer the old lady up. When it was her turn on the counter, Kasey initiated to sponsor her tab. With a total of $17 and some persuasion, the old lady let him pay for her groceries. She was speechless with the good deed Kasey just showed her. But the genuine smile that the old lady flashed to Kasey already reflected on how grateful she was. Kasey knew that he was able to make her day better. But who knew that this small act of kindness would result in good karma.

Incoming Bad Day

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The old lady waved goodbye to Kasey with a card in her hands. It was Kasey’s business card from the restaurant because he told her to call him in case she needed assistance. Kasey then proceeded to his work and uttered his daily chant, “It’s a great day. I’m going to make some friends and make some money.” But he was clueless that today was going to be one of the worst days he had.

Good Karma Bounces Back


The moment Kasey read the note on the napkin, he realized right away that the woman was the old lady’s daughter. She intentionally went to the restaurant to repay his good deed towards his mother in the grocery store. “Her grocery was only $17.00, and you insisted on paying and told her she was a very beautiful woman… my mother did not need you to help her, but you made her year,” Kasey read the last sentences.


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The story of his kindness took the internet by storm. People from different countries had the same opinion about Kasey that he was indeed a hero. One netizen wrote, “Fantastic to see that there are still good, generous, humble, sincere and caring people in our vicious world of today. Well done, and thank you!”

Heartwarming Story

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The majority agreed that his story was the type that would warm anyone’s heart. “If everyone did one act of kindness a day, the world would be a much better place,” another netizen commented. Kasey’s action simply moved people, but what was his reaction after he found out that he went viral?

His Response

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(Good Times)

Kasey believed that making a stranger’s day better shouldn’t be a big deal at all. “Even with what I did at the grocery store, I would want someone to do that for my daughter, mom, or grandmother,” he explained. “If they looked the way that woman did at Kroger, I would pray you would do the same.” 

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