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Guy Thinks He Saved A Beaver, But He Was Awfully Wrong - Koi Pop
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Guy Thinks He Saved A Beaver, But He Was Awfully Wrong





Jim couldn’t stop thinking of that one object. The dogs already warned him, but he was too stubborn and brushed the thought of potential danger the canines sensed. His feet led him again in that unfamiliar area deep in the forest where the mysterious item lies. Jim stopped in his tracks when he spotted the object under the old oak tree. He thought nothing could ever go wrong if he just inspected the area. But he didn’t know that a creature was already lurking in the shadows, keeping an eye on his every movement.



Jim Passmore lived in Broken Arrow, a rural town in Oklahoma. His area was known for vast greens of hills and lakes. Sometimes Jim got too enchanted to the beautiful scenery of nature. And not too long ago, an incident occurred to him when he was walking his dog in the woods when he realized that they went too far from their usual route.

Walking the Dogs


It was supposed to be a casual stroll with his dogs. Jim happily took off the leashes of his dogs and watched them run free. They had a usual path in the woods where they would cross a muddy course because of the nearby creek. And since they were already familiar with their route, Jim trusted his dogs to roam on their own. However, today was different. His heart skipped a beat when his dogs suddenly ran towards an unusual path and started barking endlessly.

Sensing Danger


Jim panicked and quickened his pace to chase his dogs. Luckily, he spotted them immediately because they stopped at a particular tree. But he was still worried because his dogs looked so distressed, they kept on barking and growling towards the bush. Jim carefully checked the area and saw an object, but his dogs quickly went in front of him as if they were protecting him. Jim was caught off guard, and he suddenly felt goosebumps all over his body.

Heading Back


He cautiously checked their surroundings, but nothing seemed suspicious except the item sitting on the roots of an old tree. His dogs started retreating, looking as terrified as ever, so Jim had to step back as well. When they returned to their home, he contemplated whether he should go back to the woods or not. But something in his gut was telling him to investigate the strange object. So he took his shoes again and jogged to the unfamiliar path. When he reached the area, the item was still there, but the uncanny aura it had had gotten even stronger. Then he took a closer look…

Not an Ordinary Cage


His eyes widened in disbelief when he realized that the object he was looking at was a rusty animal cage. It seemed like it was dumped in the woods from a long time ago, but Jim noticed it wasn’t just an ordinary kennel. The carrier was made of hard plastic and used to transport animals. So without haste, he opened the cage thinking that an animal might be stuck inside. And the first thing Jim saw made his whole body quiver.

Mysterious Creature


The familiar odor in the cage overwhelmed Jim. There was a weighted chain and a filthy blanket. He found nothing in the enclosure but dirt and soil everywhere. However, his eyes landed on the huge bite marks on the side of the cage, Jim winced. It looked like there was a struggle to get out of the carrier. His eyebrows creased at imagining how dangerous this creature could be. Suddenly, sweat broke out from his body and he began to feel anxious. Somewhere deep in the woods, the creature from this crate might be still lurking around.



Fear ran through his head, and Jim became aware of his surroundings. He planned his next move in case the creature would show up. An idea struck his mind that maybe he should start making noises to scare the animal away. His knees shuddered as he walked away from the cage. He kept yelling his lungs out. When there wasn’t any strange movement in the woods, Jim sighed in relief. However, he didn’t know that his first hunch was real because something was actually creeping between the bushes…watching his next move.

A Beaver

(Weblinks World)

The hiding creature didn’t seem to waver from any of Jim’s scare attempts. Instead, it was observing him and waiting for the chance to come out. When Jim began walking away from the area, the creature jumped straight to him. Jim gasped when he saw the little animal which was a beaver.


(Colorado State University)

The beaver stared at his eyes as if it was trying to say something. Jim tilted his head in confusion and tried to shoo the animal away. However, the beaver didn’t show any signs of fear. And instead, it started running in circles to him. Jim thought that situations like this only happened to fairy tales. But today he confirmed that it was real and he knew right away that the beaver was telling Jim to follow him.



Jim was hesitant because everything was odd from the beginning. His dogs ran towards an unusual path and discovered a mysterious cage, then out of nowhere, a beaver suddenly shows up. Thousands of thoughts rummaged through his head, but he glanced to the beaver who looked nothing but desperate. Brushing aside the fear, Jim started following the animal. After a few minutes of trailing, the beaver stopped near the creek. Jim’s vision quickly fixed upon the figure covered in mud. Then everything started to dawn on him.

Trapped Animal

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A couple of feet away from him was a creature stuck nearby the creek. Jim couldn’t fathom what animal it was since it was coated in layers of mud. He was alarmed when the creature squirmed in pain. It was trying so hard to get out, so Jim hastily ran to the poor animal. He assumed that it might be another beaver since the other one led him here. Plus, beavers were common to their area. But when he attained a closer look at the situation, he knew he couldn’t do it alone.

Extra Help

(Honest To Paws)

Jim dialed his friends and explained the whole incident. They agreed right away and arrived as fast as lightning. Jim was relieved when his friends brought materials that could help. Everyone was ready to help. However, when they began rallying to free the animal, they met an unforeseen mishap.



When one of his friends finally got a hold of the animal, it unexpectedly bit him. Jim panicked and rushed him to the hospital. They forgot the fact that beavers might have rabies, and they couldn’t control the animal’s behavior especially because it was in distress. Everyone was worried, but it didn’t stop them from helping the poor creature. Jim started to plot out how they would take the animal out without anyone getting hurt.

Calming It Down


They had the creature in their reach already, but they couldn’t just grab it in fear of getting bitten again. The animal was flinching in agony. Jim knew they had to take it out soon because the more it struggled to break free, the more it got sucked into the soft mud. He observed at the situation when suddenly, a bright idea came to him.

Jim grabbed a cloth and placed it around to the beaver’s head. This technique was to give the animal a sense of security and it worked like a charm! His friends saw how the beaver suddenly relaxed and they had no problems in holding the animal anymore. But the animal wouldn’t budge from the mud.

Ingenious Idea


They still couldn’t get the beaver out! Jim and his friends did everything they could that it tired them out. Yet Jim’s mind didn’t stop working. He figured that instead of digging the mud around the animal, they should pull him out using a rope. Fortunately, one of his friends brought one. Jim tied and secured the string around the beaver’s body. When he counted to three, everyone started pulling out the rope. It took them a couple of attempts, but the animal was still stuck in the mud.



Jim was dejected, but he got up once again and motivated his friends to never stop pulling the rope. After giving out their best efforts, Jim saw some progress. The beaver was slowly lifted up from the mud until it was on solid ground again. Everyone rejoiced because the animal was finally saved. Jim excitedly went to the beaver and wiped the dirt off of its body, but he stumbled down when his eyes met the face of the creature. It came to his realization that the animal they just saved wasn’t a beaver at all.

Not A Beaver


Jim took more clothes and wiped the mud out of the animal’s face. When it was clear, his eyes sparkled with recognition. He called everyone and gathered around the animal. They were all astonished by what they saw because it was definitely not a beaver… but a beautiful sheepdog.

Jim vaguely remembered the abandoned cage not too far from where they were. He told his friends that the dog might be running away from getting imprisoned, and unfortunately, he was caught in the soft mud. They still couldn’t believe the part of his story where the beaver led him to the poor dog. But one thing for sure, they couldn’t just abandon the dog in the woods. So Jim had a wonderful proposal.

Rescue Shelter


Jim grabbed his phone and dialed a number. The other line answered promptly and introduced themselves as the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals. Jim knew that he called the right hotline of the rescue organization. He told the whole story on the phone, and the organization started addressing the situation. The other line asked if the dog had a name, but there was a silence.

“Teddy,” Jim responded after a few seconds of contemplating. He named the dog after he recollected when he first saw him covered in mud that resembled the color of a bear. But besides its name, there were more problems to Teddy that Jim had to resolve.



Because of trauma brought to the dog after it was just dumped on the woods and got trapped in the mud, Teddy was in a fragile state. He displayed fear of any form of human contact. So Jim and his friends brought him immediately to the animal clinic and the vet diagnosed him with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). There were also issues found on his joints. The vet had a theory that the poor dog had been trying to break out for days. Teddy struggled so hard on the mud that it caused injuries to his bones. But on the brighter side, the animal rescue shared some good news.

Silver Lining


Even though Teddy was wary of humans, he grew fond of one person in an animal shelter—the receptionist. She was the only person that could go near him since she was constantly visiting him. His confidence grew again. It also came to the point where she could hug him and Teddy would cuddle back. Because of her, Teddy made huge progress. And proved that despite the bad experiences he had, Teddy was still capable of loving humans.



The rescue shelter started giving him another chance to have a home again. They began by posting his story on the internet. He received a lot of love from around the world overnight! After his traumatic past, Teddy deserved to have a beautiful future and the shelter was confident about that. After a few months, they were right, a loving family welcomed Teddy to their homes with open arms.

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