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Man Inspects a Fallen Tree, Finds Something Strange Inside



Dangerous weather

The wind was blowing uncontrollably from all directions. It seemed the weather that night was undeniably dangerous especially for the helpless animals living in the wild. 

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One man felt uneasy at the thought of small animals failing to survive the unpredictable weather. If he could, he wanted to save them all but he just hoped that nothing bad would happen that night. 

He loves animals 

Allen Pursley had always loved animals. He lived in Texas most of his life and spent his free time trying to rescue animals in need. Ever since he was young, he had always cared for animals. Often trying to feed stray dogs and cats, and even repairing the broken wings of injured birds!


But he had no idea about the unexpected turn his life was about to take… 

Pet owner

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Of course, as an animal lover, Allen has also adopted two lovely pets with his partner. They’re currently taking care of one dog and one cat. It seems the couple already had enough responsibility on their hands until the unpredictable happened. 


It was a normal day for both Allen and his partner. His partner left early for work and Patrick was left behind in their home. As Allen was having his breakfast, he suddenly heard a loud noise that threw him off-guard

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Something huge crashed through their window. Allen then heard the sound of his neighbors panicking and soon enough, he could hear the sirens making their way to the scene. 

Shattered Glass 

Allen tried to find out where the sound came from and inspected each room of the house. As he entered their bedroom, there he saw shattered glass all over the floor. He looked at the window and saw tree branches poking out. 


He was alarmed when he realized how the tree was just inches away from their bed. “It’s a good thing we woke up early,” Allen thought to himself. He wondered what would have happened if they decided to wake up a little late that day. 


Soon enough, the authorities arrived at the scene. The firefighters and other professionals inspected the area, making sure that the family was no longer in danger after that one incident. 

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But as they were surveying the area for any potential threats, they heard a strange noise… 

Strange noise

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It was a high-pitched squeal-like sound that seems to be coming from the inside of the tree. Allen had no idea what it was. Initially, they thought that it must have just been an insect but Allen’s instincts seemed to tell him otherwise. 

The tree

Allen inspected the lower trunk of the tree. He knocked on it and realize it was hollow, he then noticed a small hole. 


Without hesitation, Allen put his arm inside…

Finding out 

As he reached inside, he felt something wiggle towards his fingers. “Could it be a bird?” Allen thought to himself. 

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Gently, Allen grabbed the tiny creature and pulled it outside. He was surprised by what he saw. 

Tiny Creature 

As he pulled his arm out, it was revealed how the creature wasn’t a bird, but it was a baby squirrel! It was so tiny and weak that Allen speculated that the squirrel might be less than a month old. 

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The poor creature hadn’t even opened its eyes yet. Allen then decided to rush to the vet to get the squirrel examined. 

At the vet

When Allen arrived at the Vet clinic, the staff immediately went to work. They examined the baby squirrel and did their best to keep it alive. It turns out, the squirrel was only five weeks old which explains why it hasn’t opened its eyes yet. 


After thoroughly examining the squirrel, the staff at the vet then told Allen that it’s better to give the squirrel back to its mother. But he was later faced with one problem…

Looking for the nest

Allen drove back to his home and tried to follow the advice that was given to him by the vet. He tried to look for the mother’s nest but unfortunately, he couldn’t find it no matter how hard he searched. 


Soon, the team of veterinarians and Allen collectively agreed on taking care of the baby squirrel. But it taking care of an infant squirrel isn’t easy… 

Caring for the squirrel 

The staff at the vet and Allen agreed to take turns on taking care of the squirrel. Since the tiny squirrel needed to be monitored 24 hours a day, they can’t just leave it there at the clinic. So they made a compromise and agreed on taking turns bringing the squirrel home. 

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Allen’s partner actually works at the vet, so when their turn came, they would take the baby squirrel back with them. But despite having experience in taking care of other animals, Allen had never really cared for a squirrel before. 

Becoming a foster parent 

Unlike most people working at the vet clinic, Allen had one advantage: he worked from home. This means he had more time to spend with the baby squirrel and give it the constant care that it needed. 

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Allen would even nurse the baby squirrel similar to how its mother would, by feeding it milk through a syringe. “This will only be for a while,” Allen thought to himself while feeding the baby squirrel. 

Growing close

But as Allen spent more time with the baby squirrel, their bond grew increasingly tighter. “I didn’t know what I was doing in the beginning,” Allen shared. “We were just basically trying to keep him alive.”

( Instagram/allenpursley)

But no matter how much Allen tries to deny it, it seems he’s slowly becoming fond of the small squirrel. 

Getting a name 

A few weeks later, the squirrel finally opened its eyes. And the first person to witness it was Allen. It seems this sparked a special bond between the two as Allen then felt compelled to finally give the baby squirrel a name. 

( Instagram/allenpursley)

He would often find himself calling his furry friend Squirrelito, Sweet Squirrel, and Squiggidy-Boo until Allen finally decided to settle on one name: Rocky. 

Special Bond

Thanks to the unconditional care they gave to Rocky, the young squirrel became healthier as time progressed. Allen would even try to train Rocky like a normal pet. 

( Instagram/allenpursley)

“I’m sure he also thinks his name is ‘Bad Squirrel’ with as many times as he heard me say it when I was training him to stay off countertops and drapes,” Allen jokingly said. The bond grew stronger and Allen even decided to convert their closet into Rocky’s personal space. 

Too close? 

With Rocky having his own exclusive space inside Allen’s home, it seems there’s no turning back now. What was initially just supposed to be a foster mission turned into something else and Allen couldn’t seem to let the squirrel go. 

( Instagram/allenpursley )

“By the time he ended up becoming an adult and I looked at releasing him, I realized I had already done way too much wrong to be able to release him,” Allen shared. 


Unlike most squirrels, Rocky wasn’t as social as them. He doesn’t know how to collect food for himself and protect himself from predators. It seems Allen had spoiled Rocky a little too much, but this ultimately led him to keep the tiny squirrel instead of releasing it back into the wild. 


Fortunately, Allen’s husband agreed with his decision. But it seems Rocky preferred Allen over his husband… 

Fun Dynamic

“He doesn’t allow anybody else to handle him. My husband can’t handle him either,” Allen shared. It seems Allen earned a special place in Rocky’s heart after taking care of him throughout the weeks. But despite being picky over choosing his handlers, the couple didn’t seem to have any problems with letting Rocky stay with them permanently. 


“He’s got the temperament of a cat,” Allen said. 

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