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She Thinks She Adopted a Dog, You Won’t Believe What It Actually Is



Adopting a dog

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Adopting dogs have become more popular nowadays thanks to animal rights activists promoting it over buying dogs from breeders. A family from Kunming, China was ecstatic over the new furry addition to their family, but things didn’t go as they had anticipated it would. 


Su Yun lived with her husband and two young children in the city of Kunming, China. Everything seemed to be going well with her family life but the stress of taking care of her two young children while working at her full-time job has started to take a toll on her. 

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She then decided that it may be time to give herself a break, so she planned a holiday. 

The trip

With their essentials and bags all packed up, the family was more than ready for their Asian trip. Su Yun and her family were excited and things seemed to be going smoothly for them. 


After a few days, one fateful encounter will change both Su Yun and her entire family’s lives. 


Unexpectedly, Su Yun and her family encountered a litter of puppies! Their irresistible charm had their children begging for Su Yun to take one home. Although Su Yun and her husband had initially considered adopting dogs in the past, they never expected they’d find a dog during their vacation.


Su Yun picked one up and held it against her chest, contemplating whether it was time to finally adopt a puppy. 

New addition 

The man selling the puppies told Su Yun that the dogs were Tibetan Mastiffs. He informed her that these dogs could possibly grow up to two feet tall, but the Yuns didn’t seem to mind. In fact, they were too ecstatic about adding a new member to their family. 

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Eventually, they collectively agreed to adopt one and named the dog “Little Black.”

The puppy

The Yun family took good care of Little Black. They bonded by playing with him and taking him for walks. When it was finally time to return to Kunming, the family then started contemplating on where Little Black will sleep. 

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The weather back in Kunming was relatively warm, and it would have been ideal to let Little Black sleep outside but the family agreed that Little Black would be an inside dog instead. 

Returning home

The Yun’s family vacation eventually came to an end and they returned home shortly after. But instead of just four family members, there’s a new addition to their small family. They brought Little Black home with them. 


Little Black was still adjusting to his new home and everything seemed to be normal. But Su Yun started to notice something strange.

Weird habits

Su Yun has never owned a dog before so she was unaware of how she should expect Little Black to behave. 

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Whenever Su Yun tried to give Little Black some dog food, he would typically ignore it. Not wanting her dog to starve, Su Yun did her best to find what kind of food Little Black would eat. 

Picky dog

Su Yun tried almost all types of dog food but she couldn’t get Little Black to eat it at all. She dismissed Little Black’s behavior as just being picky and tried feeding him other food instead. 

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After a long process of trial and error, it turns out Little Black only likes to eat two things: noddles and fruit. Definitely a strange choice for a dog. 

Big appetite

Not only do noodles and fruits seem like an odd choice of food for a dog but Little Black also tends to eat an entire box of fruits and two buckets of noodles. 


Su Yun thought that Little Black’s big appetite was normal since she was warned about the dog having the potential of growing around 2 feet tall. But Su Yun did not expect that she would end up spending so much money just on Little Black’s food! This was only the start of Little Black’s manifestation of odd behaviors… 

Too big

As a result of Little Black’s huge appetite, he grew bigger. Su Yun had anticipated that Little Black would grow big but she did not expect that he would be as huge as the size that he is in now. Little Black grew up to three feet tall and he weighed an astounding 250 pounds.

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Su Yun could not believe it! Su Yun started to doubt if Little Black was indeed a dog. Aside from his enormous size, Su Yun saw him acting strangely in their kitchen one day… 

In the kitchen

Su Yun entered the kitchen and she was taken aback by what she saw. Little Black was standing firm on his hind legs! She saw other dogs do this during dog shows but in her case, she didn’t recall teaching Little Black how to stand. 

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This left her worried and anxious… 

Doubling in size

It was clear that Little Black was no longer a puppy. It was normal for him to grow but not to this degree. They noticed how his teeth were sharper and larger than most dogs and they were also uncomfortable at how Little Black would rarely walk on all fours, and would walk around using his hind legs instead. 

(CBS News) 

But Su Yun was still in denial about Little Black’s real origins.

No longer an inside dog

Because of Little Black’s increasingly heavy size, the family was left with no choice but to let him sleep outside. Whenever they’d walk Little Black around the neighborhood, people can’t help but stare as his size was hard to ignore.


Soon enough, he became too big to fit inside the house and the Yuns were forced to make a makeshift dog house in their yard.

Never Barked

As Little Black continued to grow, Su Yun started to realize something. “Has little black ever barked before?” she asked herself. Confused, she observed the huge dog. 


She looked after Little Black for a while and noticed how he doesn’t even bark at strangers or other animals, the strange dog would growl instead. Su Yun then began to look into how a typical Tibetan Mastiff should behave. 

Asking for help

Su Yun then joined forums online that might help her answer her questions. She posted a picture of Little Black and soon after, a vet that was reading the forum posted a comment. 


She was surprised when she read what the doctor wrote. The vet told her that she should call the police, immediately. Su Yun felt her heart drop.

What is he?

After several months of denial, it finally sank in. Little Black definitely wasn’t a dog. It turns out, the man may have sold them something that may get her in trouble. 

(Holidog times)

Little Black was definitely not a Tibetan Mastiff, as the man initially claimed he was, but he was actually a Tibetan bear! The doctor from the forum warned her about the impending consequences she might face when authorities find out.

In trouble

Owning a bear in China is actually illegal and is punishable by law. Su Yun is at risk of facing jail time. But she wasn’t just concerned about the legal consequences, she was also worried about the impending danger her family could be in if they kept Little Black with them longer. 

(China Photos)

She found out that Tibetan bears could grow up to six feet tall and weigh 440 pounds once they reach adulthood and Little Black has been growing faster every day. Su Yun knew she had to do something quick to protect both herself and her family. 


Worried that the authorities might not listen to her, Su Yun tried calling a local zoo to convince them to consider taking Little Black in. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the proper paperwork and her request was inevitably denied. 

(China Photos)

Su Yun had no way of contacting the man that sold the dog to her. She had no other choice but to call the police instead, but little did she know, they were already on their way…

Getting apprehended

An hour later, the police along with wildlife experts arrived at her house. It was revealed how the vet that answered her questions on the forum actually gave a tip to the police. Su Yun willingly cooperated and she told her side of the story honestly. 

(Business Insider) 

They examined Little Black and it was apparent that he was healthy and well-fed. They then tranquilized him and brought him to the nearest wildlife center. As for Su Yun, she avoided jail time after telling the authorities about how the seller tried to trick her into thinking that Little Black was a dog. Little Black is now safe and leading a peaceful life in the wildlife center.

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