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Stranded In Island For 9 Years Until A Kid Saw Him On Google Earth





Adam sprawled on the soft sands in between the shades of coconut trees. The salty breeze soothed him and the sound of waves crashing not from the far distance. Groups of seagulls walked over to his side as if they were mocking him for being alone on the remote island. Adam scowled and tried to cover his ears from the high-pitched squawks. Suddenly, the seagulls sprinted away. He was confused. When he removed his hands, a loud propeller sound rang through his ears. Adam looked up to the sky and saw a plane for the first time in nine years of being stranded.

Start of the Journey


Adam Jones had always dreamed of cruising a long journey on the ocean. By 2016, when he was able to save up his hard-earned money from his regular job, Adam had already two persons in mind. He pulled out his phone and dialed their numbers. Adam asked them to meet in a particular place because he plotted a fantastic idea, and he wanted his two best friends to be part of it.

The Original Plan

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When they met up in a place, Adam excitedly showed them a map. He grabbed a pen and drew a line starting from where they were right now—Liverpool City. Then Adam extended the line to the Panama Canal and crossed the Atlantic Ocean. He stopped the line when it reached Hawaii, his target and dream destination. His friends couldn’t believe what he wanted to do, but Adam reassured them that he had everything ready, including their boat. It was supposed to be just an adventure voyage, but they wouldn’t expect that it would take years for them to get back home again.


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When they embarked on their journey, everything sailed so smooth. His two friends didn’t regret joiningAdam’s adventure as the vast ocean enchanted them. Thrilled filled their senses when they imagined the places they would navigate and experience. Adam had planned everything through, but what he didn’t foresee was the impending danger in the Pacific Ocean.

Storm Brewed

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The Pacific Ocean always had the highest and most active tropical storms, that was the one factor Adam had missed. When their boat reached the Pacific region, a ferocious storm immediately greeted them. Loud thunders roared, and rough winds blew. Adam and his friends tried so hard to pull the sheet and change the navigation. But the sea rose more, creating gigantic waves that crashed onto the deck where Adam was.

Drifted Away

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Adam has violently shoved away from the deck and fell overboard. He thought this was the end of him as he started to lose consciousness while being adrift by the vicious seas. The next day, Adam fluttered his eyes open and was stunned that he was still alive. However, he realized he wasn’t in the ground where he was supposed to be.

17 Days in the Ocean

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Adam was too weak to comprehend what happened to his friends and the ship. He let the Pacific waters sway his body as he already lost hope that he would see solid ground again. After 17 days afloat, Adam didn’t expect that the waves would bring him to an island. When he reached the beach, he quickly searched for any signs of human contact, but unfortunately, he discovered that it was a remote island. Yet his hope started to rise again because of a newfound haven. He believed that help would be coming for him.

New Found Shelter

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For the first day, Adam didn’t waste his remaining energy and searched for a good water source. It was challenging since he had to build a D.I.Y. device to filter the water. Adam also needed shelter, so he used clamshells to cut down a whole tree, and it took him 11 weeks of manual labor to complete the construction. But it wasn’t just water and shelter he needed to attain to survive —food was the most important yet also most difficult.

Fighting to Survive


During his first weeks, Adam spent time hunting in the woods, where he found eight goats. However, he didn’t have any proper gear. So he just kept chasing them until some of the goats got stuck in between the bushes. Adam took the chance and captured them. Since then, Adam tried to improve his strength because of the terrible hunting experience. Each morning, at the crack of dawn, he would get up and exercise by doing push-ups or running on the beach. Adam didn’t know that it wasn’t just his physical strength he needed to maintain, but also his mental state.


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Adam made a promise to himself that he would stay alive no matter how long it would take. But being alone without any human contact would take a toll on his psychological health. Every day felt like his soul was ripping apart and his mind was clouded with negative thoughts that no one would ever come to rescue him. Adam tried to keep himself busy and drew a giant “S.O.S.” sign on the sand. He hoped that it would be visible to the sky if a plane would happen to pass by. Years had passed and Adam already lost count. But he was slowly accepting the fact that he would spend the rest of his lifetime on the island. Until one day, a loud sound, he thought he would never hear roared and shook the whole island.

Saved by Google Earth

For nine years, he strived to survive on the island alone. Then Adam stopped exercising for a while because he already lost his sense of purpose. It was afternoon when he lazily laid under the shade of the coconut trees near the beach. For other people, it might be a dream lifestyle. But for Adam, the whole island felt like his graveyard. However, his presumption would change this very day when a propeller sound appeared on the island. When he glanced up to the sky, it was already hovering above him. Adam tried to rub his eyes since he thought it was just a hallucination. But it was real.


Adam was flustered when the plane descended on the island. He snapped out of his daze and ran to the plane. There he was greeted by the pilot, and it was his first human contact in the last nine years. They immediately gave him food, water, and medical treatment. Adam had a long conversation with them and asked how they found him. The pilot told him that his “S.O.S.” signal was captured in Google Earth and a kid from Minnesota found the image. The young man called the authorities right away, and the rescue mission for Adam was deployed.

But Adam wasn’t the only person whose life was saved by Google’s GPS (Global Positioning System) technology.

Time in

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It was just a typical day at the SMET UK LTD. when Sander Cokelare waltzed inside the building with a cup of coffee on his hands. He looked at his wristwatch and realized he was five minutes early for his actual shift. Adam shrugged and keyed in his timestamp. He thought things were on his side today until one ex-employee walked in.


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Sander had always been a model employee. He usually spent his day doing paper works and presentations for the higher executives. That was why Sander didn’t notice when an unusual face stepped right into their headquarters. The person knew where he was heading and came straight to Sander’s office. Sander was currently busy on his computer and had no reaction when he heard his door shut. The next thing he knew, a handkerchief roughly covered his nose, and everything went black.

Woke Up in Unknown Place

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He woke up with excruciating pain in his head. It took minutes before Sander was able to sit up and realized that he was in an unfamiliar place. Although disoriented, he tried to remember what had happened to him. But he sensed another presence in the room. Sander glanced from his behind and saw the person which he immediately recognized.

Old employee

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It was John Charles, an ex-employee from their company. He greeted Sander with an evil smirk and claimed that he was the one who took him. The confusion was evident on Sander’s face, so John straight up told him that he kidnapped him. Sander was quick to respond that he wasn’t capable of paying huge for ransom money. John, however, chuckled in return because it wasn’t the primary purpose of kidnapping Sander.

For Attention

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Sander was the only employee in their company who had direct communication with their boss. And since the company cherished Sander, John figured out that he would quickly get their boss’ attention if he kidnapped the model employee. John only wanted to schedule a one-on-one meeting with their boss because he owed him a large sum of money, and it seemed like the boss was purposely avoiding him. Sander noticed that John was still raging with anger, so he quietly listened to his rants about their company. But John didn’t know that Sander was hiding something from his suit’s secret pocket.

Secret Weapon

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When John decided to take a bathroom break, he walked out of the room and securely locked the doors. But beyond his knowledge, he just gave Sander a chance to take out the object from his suit—it was his iPhone. When Sander turned on his phone, it was flooded with calls and messages from his family and his boss. Good thing he always put his phone on silent or else John would’ve noticed. Sander immediately clicked his boss’ name on the message log, and below of the screen was a Google map icon.

Location Sent

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He clicked the google map icon and it automatically revealed his pin location. Then Sander quickly hit the send button, and it was delivered to his boss. He was hoping that he would get the message because Sander could already hear the footsteps of John coming back to the room. He slipped the phone back to his suit’s secret pocket. Sander wasn’t sure if he did the right thing, but the answers were already on its way.

Rescued By Google Maps

After a few hours, a loud bang was heard from downstairs. Before John could even react, a squad of police already appeared in the hallway and swiftly entered the room where Sander was held hostage. John saw the number of enforcers equipped with ammo. There was no way he could outdo them, so he held both of his hands up in the air and signaled a white flag.

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Sander escorted outside the establishment and there he saw his boss waiting for him. The boss told him that he immediately understood the google map Sander sent. Since his boss had already the hunch because Sander wasn’t the type who would suddenly abandon his work, the boss knew that he was probably in trouble. John was arrested and charged with kidnapping. 

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