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They Just Wanted Good Maternity Pictures, But They Caught Something Strange Instead



Maternity shoot

Most mom-to-be has probably tried having one. It’s a special moment for excited moms to capture their exciting pregnancy journey. 


Most couples try to be as creative as possible with their maternity shoots, incorporating unique themes but for this couple, they just wanted to take simple pictures by the beach. But after the photos were taken, they noticed something strange… 

Deciding what to do

Dan and Angeline Mozer were excited over their new baby. They have been waiting for so long to conceive a child. 


They were also nervous, after all, this will be the first time that they’ll raise a child. So to commemorate their special moments, the couple agreed to do a photoshoot together. 


It wasn’t easy, there were so many themes to choose from! They’ve looked at pictures of other moms in their maternity shoots, some of them were unconventional while most of them were simple. 


But ultimately, the couple ended up agreeing to do something simple instead. Besides, they knew the star of the shoot should be their baby. 

Preparing for the shoot

After coming to an agreement, the couple then decided it was time to start preparing for their maternity shoot. 

(Prevail Muzik)

By the time they found a good location, Angeline was already in her third trimester. Her baby bump has become obvious, she was excited to show it off! They ensured that everything would run smoothly but they didn’t anticipate how difficult it actually was to get the perfect photo they wanted. 

The location

Angeline and Dan had just moved near the Atlantic beach and they were convinced that it would be the perfect location for their maternity shoot. The couple was all set up and they were ready to start. 


But since they were new in the area, they were unfamiliar with the weather patterns… 

First attempt

They didn’t expect that their first attempt would end up like this. They thought that everything would be perfect since they’ve prepared really hard for this.


As they were about to start the shoot, the blue skies suddenly turned gray and soon enough, the rain started to pour heavily onto the ground. 


The couple was disappointed over their first attempt. Angeline’s heart was already set out on doing the maternity shoot on the beach but the weather didn’t quite agree with them that day. The massive thunderstorm proved to be difficult to deal with. 

( Flickr/James Willamor)

Unhappy over their failed attempt, the couple decided to pack up for the day. 


The didn’t think organizing a maternity shoot would be difficult. The couple knew they have to act now since Angeline’s due date is just around the corner. 


Angeline and Dan then decided to exert more effort. This time, they’ll ensure that the weather will be perfect on the day of their shoot. They then rescheduled their shoot the week after their disastrous attempt. 


Angeline and Dan were positive that they will surely get their pictures right this time! The day of the shoot came and Dan was sure the weather would be sunny. 


And he was right! The weather was perfect, it was a nice and sunny day. “Finally!” the couple thought to themselves. But they noticed something strange, people were starting to gather towards a spot… 

Their new Florida home

Since Angeline and Dan first moved in, they didn’t really have enough time to research about their new home in Jacksonville, Florida. But they do know one thing, it’s the perfect place for beach lovers with its tropical weather and beautiful beaches. 


But underneath the pristine blue waters, dangerous creatures were lurking… 

Doing his research

Before moving forward with the shoot, Dan did a little bit of research. During his research, Dan found two interesting things about the Atlantic beach. 

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First is that seeing sharks isn’t unusual around the area. Second, it’s also home to stingrays. Dan shrugged it off and dismissed the idea that it would become a hindrance in their shoot, but will he make the mistake of underestimating the creatures of the sea? 

Sunday Afternoon 

It was a beautiful afternoon, the sun was shining bright and the calming waves of the sea was echoing through the beach. Even though the sea was infested with sharks, Angeline couldn’t help but walk near the shore. She felt like the waves were calling her. 

(Travel Channel)

Unaware of what was about to happen, Angeline wandered near the sea. 

Full of people

As expected, the beach was crowded with people. After all, it was a weekend. But the weather was too perfect that the couple decided to push through despite the crowds of people. But suddenly, crowds of people formed around the ocean. 

(YouTube/ Stef K)

A strange creature suddenly appeared from the water. 


People were scattered all over the beach, their loud chatters could be heard. “What’s happening?” the couple thought to themselves. Both of them were curious as to what was going on. 


Desperate to know what was going on, Dan got distracted and forgot to pay attention to what’s actually important. 


Due to the immense crowds of people, Dan and Angeline got separated from each other. Angeline was having a hard time balancing herself as the sand beneath her feet was soggy and people kept jogging around her. It was especially harder to walk around since she was pregnant. 

( Pixabay+)

Angeline couldn’t keep up but her husband hasn’t noticed yet. 


Angeline did her best to avoid bumping into the people who were jogging around her. They didn’t expect that their second attempt would be more difficult. 


Fortunately, as the crowds of people calmed down, Dan was able to find her. 

Pushing through

Now that they were reunited after the unexpected blunder, it was time to get down to business. The couple pushed through with their plan—the maternity shoot. 


Angeline and Dan then prepared their equipment and started their photoshoot from a safe distance.  

The shoot

Despite the fact that crowds of people were still gathered near their location, Angeline and Dan decided not to mind them. The couple was determined to get the perfect shot that day and they couldn’t afford to waste any more time. 

( Dan Mozer)

Keeping a safe distance from the shore, Dan took pictures of his wife showing off her baby bump. But as Dan was trying to get the perfect shot, he noticed a figure lurking in the background. 

The perfect shot

Initially, Dan was worried about the creature he saw behind his wife even though she was at a safe distance. As his wife was posing, something was jumping right behind her. 

( Flickr/Cornish Cactus)

It happened so fast, but fortunately, Dan was able to take the shots at the perfect moment. 

Perfect Timing

Dan was at awe when he realized what he caught on camera. “When I took it, I was like, ‘Oh, my God!’ Unfortunately, she totally missed it,” Dan shared in an interview. 

( Dan Mozer)

It was a majestic dolphin! Their simple beach maternity shoot now turned into something priceless. It’s not everyday that you encounter a dolphin let alone capture it on camera. The couple now got the perfect maternity pictures that they wanted. 

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