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Think You’re Cheap? You Might Change Your Mind When You Read These Stories!



Saving Money

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With the consistent soaring of prices due to inflation and shortage of jobs, parents all over America do their best to budget their money for their families. But some parents take their frugal attitude towards money way too far. 

Birth of a cheapskate

She wasn’t always like this, money wasn’t always a big deal for her. She would often spend her money without any second thoughts. But ever since she gave birth to her daughter, her attitude towards money has changed completely. 

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Her husband didn’t mind this change initially. In the beginning, he thought it would just be something minor. But as time passed, his wife seemed to get more and more frugal and he anticipated… 

Being a parent

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It’s the first time for Apple Melacio and her husband, Victor Melacio to be parents and she feels very anxious over it. Her responsibility isn’t only towards herself anymore, but for her child as well. Raising a child is not cheap, you may find yourself working overtime or getting several jobs just to be able to provide the best for your child. But for Apple, she found a way to raise her little girl without emptying their pocket. 

Her ways

Whenever Apple took her little girl outside to play at the playground, she’d notice several toys scattered around the area. She figured that other kids may have left them there. Thinking how much of a waste it is to just ignore the toys, Apple picked up the colorful looking truck she saw at the sandbox. 

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“It only has two wheels!” Victor told Apple in protest, but Apple was determined to take it home. After all, it’s a free toy.

Taking it up a notch

Apple isn’t only frugal when it comes to buying toys, but to other aspects as well. Ever since she stopped producing breastmilk, Apple knew that buying formula every few weeks will cost her a lot of money. So in order to save more, Apple would collect breastmilk from her friends instead. 

(Youtube: TLC)

Wet wipes are considered a staple when taking care of a toddler but for Apple, she’s willing to find ways to provide for her daughter without spending too much money on essentials. Instead of buying wet wipes, Apple would make homemade moist towels instead. To top it off, Apple also got a free changing table from a gas station she frequents. She just patched it up with duct tape and it was good to go! But if you think Apple was the most frugal mom, wait until you hear about this next story… 

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