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Think You’re Cheap? You Might Change Your Mind When You Read These Stories!



Frugal Mom #2

(Youtube: TLC)

Most women dream of having an extravagant celebration during their wedding day. The white beautiful gown, the pristine venue, and the delicious food served during the reception. All of these make a wedding enjoyable, but they come at a high cost. Although this second frugal mom wants her daughter to have an enjoyable wedding, she wants to show her support without breaking the bank. 

Finding a dress

Normally, when shopping for a wedding gown, brides and her entourage go to dress boutiques. But the bride’s mom, Shelley Watson, had other plans for her daughter. 

(Youtube: TLC)

It was unbelievable but Shelley was able to convince her daughter, Britney, to go shopping with her at a pawnshop! Equipped with her humble entourage, they entered the pawnshop to look for a cheap used wedding gown. 

The dilemma

After trying on three different dresses at the pawnshop, one particular dress caught the bride’s attention. It was a good fit and looked somehow presentable but one of her friends noticed something strange.

(Youtube: TLC)

There was a yellow stain on the bottom of the dress. Concerned about the condition of the dress, Brittney’s friend decided to inspect it. She tried to observe and smell the bottom of the gown, and it seems her suspicions were right. The dress was stained with rat urine. But instead of being disgusted, Shelley thought this was the perfect opportunity to get a huge discount for the dress. The people with her at the store thought Shelley was crazy, but she was insistent and it seems her daughter doesn’t mind it too. They got the dress for a cheaper price. Shelley also ensured that the dress will be all cleaned up by the day of the wedding. She filled a tub with detergent and soaked the dress there. Excited over the huge bargain she had. 

The venue

As the guests arrived, they were shocked. They wondered if they were at the right location or if they had made a wrong turn, but it seems they were at the right place after all. 

(Youtube: TLC)

To save money, Shelley had an unusual strategy. She used a school’s gymnasium as the venue for her daughter’s wedding. The groom, Colby Cosgrove, described his wedding day as something he did not expect but “It is what it is,” he said. 

The wedding itself

The wedding was simple. Aside from the added interior designs at the venue such as some streamers and flowers, Shelley made sure that everything was as simple as they could be. 

(Youtube: TLC)

It was a strange wedding but the guests didn’t seem to mind. For the reception, Shelley had her friends prepare cheese sandwiches while she encouraged her guests to bring their own alcohol and food. And Shelley had another trick up her sleeve, she was also the wedding minister for her own daughter’s wedding! Although the wedding wasn’t as extravagant as other weddings, it seems the bride and the groom enjoyed their special day anyway. 

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