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This Man Caught Something Massive in the Depths of the Amazon River



The Amazon

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It’s the home to a variety of diverse species and ecosystems. Its massive forests and bodies of water still probably hide secrets that we don’t know up to this day. But fortunately, brave and curious explorers are willing to unravel the secrets of the vast and mysterious Amazon for us. 


Professional fisherman Steve Townson just wanted to try his luck in catching huge fish in the Amazon river, but little did he know that he was about to catch a monstrous creature from the depths of the river. 


Steve knew how dangerous most of the creatures in the Amazon are, but he felt terrified when he looked at the creature at the end of the hook. 


Steve had always loved fishing, it was one of his main hobbies. He had his fair share of good catches. He would often feel satisfied whenever he’s able to catch multiple fish at the end of the day. Sometimes, he would even take pictures with it. 

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But never in his entire life did he think that he would catch something as massive as this. 

It’s not easy

As relaxing as fishing sounds, it’s not as easy as people expect it would be. Fishing requires a lot of effort and patience. Sometimes, it might even take several hours before you’re able to catch a fish. Although fishing might take tremendous time and patience, the pay-off is relatively well. 

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For Steve, he loved the results as much as he loved the process. But he wanted to try something different this time, so he headed for the Amazon river. 


Although several people have been to the Amazon before, a large portion of the area still remains unexplored. If you are inexperienced, exploring the Amazon river alone is not advisable. 


It’s filled with snakes, crocodiles, sharks, and there were even several accounts of explorers encountering strange sea creatures even in the shallow water…

Seeing things

A lot of people have been curious about what lurks underneath the Amazon River. It’s deep and vast and most of it is still unexplored up to this day. 

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Which is why the Amazon River tends to attract a lot of curious adventurers. Some of them are genuinely curious to find out what lurks beneath, while others just want to feel the thrill of swimming into the unknown. 

Preparing for the trip 

Before going to the Amazon, it’s best to come prepared. 

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As a world-renowned angler, Steve isn’t unfamiliar with packing for trips like these. Steve had experienced catching big and dangerous fish in the past, but this time, it’s different. 

Not only fish

Fish lurking underneath the Amazon River come in all shapes and sizes, some of them harmless, but most of them may be dangerous.

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But fish aren’t the only sea creatures Steve might come face to face with. On that fateful day, Steve experienced the catch of his life. 

Picking a spot

As Steve tried to steer the boat into the direction he wanted, he stopped on the shallow water. He realized that his boat was surrounded by piranhas. But Steve didn’t feel thrilled enough over the shark-teethed fish. 

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So he moved past the shallow water in search of a deeper one. Steve wanted to see what other sea creatures were lurking in the river but after a few hours, he started to lose hope… 


Steve patiently scoured the river for hours, but there were no strange creatures in sight. It seems as though most of them were hiding. 


The weather didn’t seem to agree with them that day too. The rain started pouring unexpectedly but Steve remained determined to find the catch of his life. 

Perfect spot

Steve and his crew wore raincoats to protect them from the unpredictable weather. Steve stayed resilient, he didn’t let anything get in his way of finding the perfect catch. 

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After hours of trying to find a good area, Steve finally found the perfect spot. 


Steve settled down. He held his rod tightly and threw the fishing line into the river. He crossed his fingers and hoped for the best. 


He made sure that he had his bait of juicy worms hooked up on the end of the line. But it took Steve more than a couple of times before he got the reaction he wanted. 

Putting up a fight

It wasn’t like any other fish he caught before, Steve tried his best to reel the fish in but it was putting up quite a fight! 


Steve wasn’t even sure if the creature was a fish. But he did see it making huge waves and felt that it was heavy as he was trying to reel it in. 

Needing help

Steve knew that he couldn’t catch this creature on his own so his crew members jumped into the river to help. 

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The crew member swam towards the end of the line and tried to catch the slippery sea creature with his hands. He tried to bring it to the surface, Steve and the rest of his crew were excited to find out what it was. 

What was it?

It was like a crossbreed between a fish and a snake. The creature had scales like a fish but its body seemed more similar to a snake’s. 

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“Could it be an anaconda?” Steve thought to himself. Whatever it was, it didn’t stop struggling. Steve and his crew tried to get the creature to calm down to have a closer look… 

Holding it down

As an angler, Steve wanted to take a good photo with his catch before releasing it back into the water. But the creature was so massive that Steve had to ask for help from his crew to hold it.

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Steve held its head up and he finally saw what it was… 

The Largest Freshwater Fish on Earth

 It wasn’t a snake, but it seems Steve caught the largest freshwater fish on Earth! 


He caught an Arapaima, Steve could not believe his eyes. He was at awe, he marveled at how massive the creature was. It seems he has crossed off one of his goals on his bucket list. 

Massive size

You won’t believe how big this creature can get. 


It can grow up to 10 feet long and can weigh up to 400 pounds. How Steve was able to catch one with his crew was almost like a miracle. 

Taking a picture

Steve was excited, this was definitely the catch of his lifetime. 


With the help of his crew, Steve lifted the creature up and took a picture to serve as proof for the most exciting catch they had. 

Back to the wild

Of course, Steve didn’t intend to keep the creature with him forever. After taking good pictures with it, he released it back into the water.


Although the chances of catching another creature like this again are low, Steve felt that this experience was enough. He will definitely never forget it. 

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