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Unbelievable Coincidences That Actually Happened



Twin Tragedy


Willard Manders, a taxi driver in Bermuda Islands, was casually taking his passenger to her destination on the night of July 18, 1975. He could already feel the exhaustion from driving all day. So the driver promised to himself that this would be his last trip. He pressed his lips together, trying to suppress his smile because he couldn’t wait to buy a delicious dinner for his wife and children. However, while on the road, a figure appeared in front of his taxi’s headlights, and the next thing he knew… he killed a person.



A static noise filled his ears and his mind was clouded with confusion. He saw the wreckage on his taxi, but his first instinct was to check on his passenger. Fortunately, she was unharmed. He noticed that her face was utterly familiar, but he couldn’t tell where he saw her. Willard asked the passengers if she was alright, and he received no response. Instead, the passenger’s eyes were glued outside of his taxi. So Willard followed her gaze, then a terrifying sight greeted him.



He saw a moped bike on the side of the road and the parts were scattered everywhere. But there was something else more horrifying: a body unconsciously plopped on the hard floor and blood was coming out from it. He hurriedly went out of his taxi and held the man’s wrist to check for some pulse. Willard couldn’t feel anything. So he leaned down and pressed his ears to the unconscious man’s chest. There was a deafening silence. The man was already dead. And Willard couldn’t believe that this was happening to him… again.

Not the First Time


Erskine Lawrence Ebbin was only 17 years old when he got into an accident and got killed on the road. Willard openly admitted to the authorities that he was the one behind the wheels. But the police were more stunned with Willard’s pre-existing records. Last year on the 30th of July 1974, Willard had the same accident on the exact road. Yet this is just the first layer of the story.



The accident last year also caused the death of the other motorist. He was Neville Ebbin, the brother of Erskine, who was also unintentionally killed by the same taxi driver—Willard. Coincidentally, Erskine was using the same moped bike that his brother used when he got into an accident with Willard. Then the passenger stepped in and admitted something more bewildering.



The woman confessed that she was also riding the same taxi when the two tragedies happened. She was also Willard’s passenger last year when the accident with Neville happened. Therefore, it was concluded that both brothers died at the similar age of 17, riding one moped bike, on the exact road, and with the same taxi driver that was carrying the same passenger.

Novel From the Future


In 1838, Edgar Allan Poe published his first and only completed novel, “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym.” It was a tale of four sailors who encountered a mishap on their voyage to Nantucket, Massachusetts. It caused wreckage of their ship, yet the four sailors survived. Unfortunately, to keep themselves alive, they had to execute one of their crew for their food source.  

Richard Parker


So the team drawstrings and the one who proposed the idea, Richard Parker, got sacrificed. With heavy hearts, the sailors had no choice but to eat their comrade. This strange cannibalism story was supposed to just be pure fiction. But 46 years later, an actual incident happened.

Identical Name

(david kidd hewitt)

A ship called “Mignonette” from England was on its way to Australia. Then after two months of sailing, they encountered a storm. Rough waves swallowed Mignonette in whole and sank in the ocean. Coincidentally, a 17-year-old sailor named Richard Parker managed to get into a lifeboat and saved his other crew. But would his fate intertwine with a fictional character from years ago?

19th Day


They were floating endlessly in the ocean for nineteen days. Everyone was already starving, dehydrated, and weak. Thomas Dudley, the captain of Mignonette, suggested that they should sacrifice one member as food consumption for the sake of everyone’s survival. His gaze went to Richard Parker, who he thought was in the weakest state, plus he knew that he had no wife or family waiting for him when they land. The rest of the crew got the message, and timidly nodded. Richard was unaware because he was too frail to process anything when suddenly, he felt a sharp pain on his neck.

Same Intent

(david kidd hewitt)

Using his penknife, Thomas stabbed poor Richard in the neck and was instantly dead. The crew feasted on his flesh and drank the blood. They managed to survive the next 24 grueling days in the ocean. However, when Thomas and the rest of the crew were rescued, they were brought back to England and charged with murder and cannibalism. The sailors were found guilty. This bizarre story and coincidence with Edgar Allan Poe’s writing led the people to speculate that the author could travel through time.

Instant Reincarnation


On the 18th of February 1898, a child was born in Italy. His parents named him Enzo Anselmo Giuseppe Maria Ferrari. And as the child grew up, he became the founder of one of the best and exclusive car manufacturers. However, there were two of them that existed in this world.



Enzo started his career as a race motor driver. Then he built a business that supplied auto parts to other racing teams. This career path was the start of him designing and manufacturing his own cars. In the following years, Enzo founded the company we all know as, “Ferrari” a luxury Italian car brand. But success came with a price. The founder grew weaker because of his old age. Then one afternoon, something terrible happened.



He was diagnosed with an illness on his kidney. Enzo spent his days lying down on his bed. And on the afternoon of August 14, 1988, he rested eternally. His family was devastated and mourned for days. But they didn’t know that two months later, another child will be born again.



On October 15, 1988, a child named Mesut Özil was born in West Germany. He grew up with excellent sports skills and agility. Mesut became a professional football athlete and got scouted for the National Team of Germany. But as he became wildly popular, people took notice of how he looked identical to someone prominent.



Enzo Ferrari and Mesut Özil’s resemblance were uncanny. If it weren’t their age, people might have thought that they were twins from features of their faces to the same deep set of eyes. No one could explain how it was possible since they weren’t related and had different nationalities. So theories began, and some already thought that Mesut Özil was the reincarnation of Enzo Ferrari. Given the period that Enzo passed away, and Mesut was born. The eerie coincidence of the dates, which was just almost two months in between. 

And according to Buddhism and Taoism, they believed that the soul was born again, and there was a high chance that the soul would retain its physical appearance from its previous life.

The Rare Book

Hollywood actor, Anthony Hopkin got a call from his manager. He delivered the good news that Anthony was cast to a major film role and the movie was solely based on a novel. Anthony was so ecstatic about this new project that right after the phone call, the actor ran outside his home to hunt for the book. “The Girl from Petrovka,” he kept chanting under his breath.


However, after he went to a couple of bookstores… none of them had the book. His heart sank and he felt defeated. The actor rode the subway on his way home when suddenly, his eyes glinted on the metallic floor. He saw a rectangular item covered with familiar letters and imagery that printed on it. Anthony gasped. Because it was the book he was exactly looking for.

Meeting the Author


On the day of their pre-production meeting, Anthony was looking forward to meeting the author George Feifer. He had a few insights and praises about the novel since he spent the rest of the day reading it after he coincidentally found the book in the subway. The actor was so thrilled to tell George the story of that unbelievable day. And when he finally got the chance to talk to him, the author responded unexpectedly.



George was so apologetic that he couldn’t give him a copy of the book because of some unforeseen event. Anthony shook his head and told him it was alright since he miraculously found a book on the floor of the subway. The author blinked a couple of times. There was an eerie silence. “Are you sure?” George asked the actor. Anthony beamed, “Yeah! I couldn’t believe it too.” The author’s hand went over his mouth in astonishment. Anthony was confused for a moment when George told him an incredible story.



George explained that he had lent the last copy of the novel to his friend. Now, this friend called him the other day, asking for his forgiveness because he dropped his book while riding on the subway. And this was the exact day when Anthony walked into the same area of the train, where the actor found the book sprawled on the floor.

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