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You Won’t Believe What Happened During This Bride’s First Dance




Most little girls dream of having the perfect wedding—wearing a beautiful white gown, holding a bright and colorful bouquet of flowers, eating delicious food, and dancing to good music with your lifetime partner sounds like the celebration of a lifetime. 

(Philadelphia Magazine)

But for this bride, things didn’t seem to go the way she anticipated during her special day… 

After the ceremony

It was a special day for Melissa Baker and her partner, Bradd Hewitt. Together, the couple made sure that everything was prepared and ready for their wedding day. It took a lot of time and effort and they poured their heart and soul into making this celebration of their love perfect. 


After the wedding ceremony ended, it was time for the traditional dance but Melissa wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen. 

A magical moment 

The first dance was a big deal for newlyweds. It’s the first time that they’ll share the floor together and dance hand in hand for the first time as husband and wife. All their relatives and their guests were looking forward to seeing them dance. 

(The Plunge) 

It was supposed to be a magical moment but little did Melissa know, her moment would play out differently from her expectations. 

Screaming and crying

The bride could not believe her eyes. She loosened her grip on her husband and walked away. She was too overwhelmed. She then started screaming and crying. 


It was unusual to see such a scenario play out during a wedding… 

Life before the wedding

Melissa had always been a humble little girl. She was a dreamer. When she was a kid, she dreamed of becoming a gymnast when she grew up. 


As she got older, Melissa found her new passion: modeling. At 17, she would start posing for different companies. She did this until she got her big breakthrough. 

Achieving her goals

Melissa couldn’t believe it. After years of working as a model, she finally got the big break she has been aiming for. She was asked to pose for Sports Illustrated magazine and her popularity started to increase. Her family was really proud of her. 

(The Fashion Model Directory) 

But despite achieving her goals, Melissa stayed humble. And it didn’t take long before she met someone special. 

Meeting her partner

Melissa eventually met her partner, Brad. The two would start dating and it felt like they found the connection they were looking for with each other. 


Soon enough, they found themselves looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together. So they decided maybe it was time to tie the knot. 

Preparing for the wedding

The couple was excited, they couldn’t wait for the day until they can finally tie the knot. They enthusiastically informed their friends and relatives about it. There was no turning back now. 


Preparing for the wedding took a lot of hard work and effort but they were willing to sacrifice their time just to be able to have their dream wedding come to life. 


(Insider Guides) 

It took the couple several months. They had to make sure that everything was perfect, from the dress, the cake, the catering, the venue, and the music. The couple, especially Melissa, wanted everything to be flawless. There was no room for mistakes, after all, it was their wedding day. 

Social Media

Melissa happily shared their progress through her social media. She was taking care of the centerpieces for her wedding, making sure that everything looked nice and good. Her whole family was helping her prepare as well. 


She felt excited and anxious at the same time but she did her best.

The Wedding Day

(X-Arena Dancing) 

Time flew by so fast and it was eventually the big day. Melissa was anxious, “Did we prepare enough? Will everything be okay?” she asked in her head over and over. But her kind husband would reassure her and calm her down. 

The ceremony

As Melissa walked into the room, Brad was happy to see his wife-to-be. She looked beautiful, her white gown lit up the room and their guests found her breathtaking. 

(twitter: itsmelissabaker) 

The ceremony played out exactly the way Melissa wanted. It was truly a special moment for her and Brad. 

The Reception

It was then time for the reception. People gathered in the venue and everyone was having fun. Relatives were catching up with each other and their friends were congratulating the wonderful couple. 

(The Knot) 

Soon enough, it was time for the bride and groom’s first dance. 

Getting called

The DJ who’s in charge of the music then called the attention of the couple. Motioning them to go to the middle of the room for their special moment together. 


Melissa was nervous but her husband held her hand as they walked towards the middle of the dance floor. 

Special song

The DJ then proceeded to say that he has chosen a special song to play for the couple, a song that was very dear to them. It was a song that was created by one of their favorite artists. 

(Identity Magazine) 

Excited to find out, Melissa waited for the DJ to play the song. 


The song “There’s no place like yesterday” started to play, it was by the country artist Mark Willis. The song hasn’t even been released as a single but the couple fell in love with it anyway.


As the song played through the speakers, the couple started slowly swaying to the song. 

Special meaning

The song had a special place in their hearts, it was their favorite song. They thought it was the perfect song to dance to during their first dance as well. 

(Hizon’s catering) 

The couple swayed and shuffled around, everyone’s eyes were on them. Most of their guests would record the special moment on their smartphones. But suddenly, the music stopped playing.

“What happened?”


Melissa thought that they were just experiencing technical difficulties. “What happened?” she wondered to herself. It has been a while since the music stopped. She looked at her husband with a confused expression on her face, worried that there might be something wrong. 

A special guest

“Well, we do have a keyboard, so we’re gonna do a live version,” the DJ calmly said. Melissa then felt relieved. As the man started playing the song, Melissa and Brad started dancing again. But Melissa didn’t see who the special guest actually was. 


Brad then strategically leads Melissa to a position where she could see the man on stage… 

Who is he?

The man singing on stage was none other than Mark Willis himself! Melissa was shocked. She had no idea that she was dancing to the live version of her favorite song. Her reaction was priceless, she started screaming and crying. She ran away from Brad and joined the crowd of people in front of Mark Willis, but she eventually ran back to her husband to finish the dance. 


It was a sweet gesture, but little did they know that there’s another surprise coming. 

Going viral 

It turns out, their special moment has gone viral! After their video was uploaded on Youtube, it got more than 26 million views. It seems their special moment has made a lot of other people smile as well. 


Hopefully, their married life will continue to be filled with love and joy as well! 

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