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3 Invincible Human Records That Will Never Happen Again - Koi Pop
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3 Invincible Human Records That Will Never Happen Again



Calm Before the Storm


The sky was dark and storm clouds formed in Fordland, Missouri. A 19-year-old Matt Suter felt raging winds struck on his grandmother’s trailer, but he shrugged, thinking it was just another rain coming. That day, he didn’t turn on their TV and saw the news about the forming tornado just a few blocks away from the trailer.



The gush from the wind grew louder and harsher. This made Matt’s ears perk up. He immediately glanced at his grandmother, who had the same puzzled face as him. So Matt ran to the window and saw something exceedingly terrifying.

In Coming


All the colors from his face drained when he saw harsh winds forming into a familiar circle. It was growing rapidly and moving swiftly to their direction. They had no time to escape. So Matt started moving the furniture in an attempt to cover the windows and prevent the door from opening. However, what would a tiny trailer do against a giant tornado?

Too Strong


The ground shook and a strong impact hit the thin walls of the trailer. Matt tried his best to hold on to the furniture, but some were already knocked down. Glasses were shattered and harsh winds busted inside the living room. Matt called out for his grandma, but the winds were too strong to hear his grandma’s voice…or his voice.

Swept Away


It was like a storm brewed inside their home. Winds prevented Matt from opening his eyes and couldn’t do anything but hold on for his dear life. He was unable to use his vision, but he clearly felt that the trailer wasn’t standing in the ground anymore. The sharp sounds of gust were almost deafening. Matt didn’t know that they were already 1,307 feet up in the air caught by a massive tornado that has a speed of 150 miles per second.



His grandmother watched in horror as his grandson was taken by a twister. Meanwhile, it was getting harder for Matt to breath. Everything from the trailer went spiraling and that made him more lightheaded. He started to lose his senses until darkness began to envelop him.

No Injuries


When Matt woke up, he accepted that he was probably dead. Well, no mere human could survive from getting whipped up in the skies by a tornado… right? His vision started to become clear and saw the wrecked trailer that was a few feet away from him. Matt jolted up when he realized that he was miraculously alive and well. Then he checked his body and found that he only had minor wounds and bruises. People were astonished when they found out that Matt just defied his death after getting abducted by a raging twister. He made a record as the only person that was flown with the longest distance by a tornado and survived.

An Extraordinary Elder

Image result for Cha Sa-soon
(The New York Times)

A 69-year-old woman lived in the mountains of Sinchon, South Korea. But she wasn’t just an ordinary elder. The whole country recognized her as the grandma who doesn’t know such words as “quit.” Because you wouldn’t believe the number of attempts she did in this particular exam.

Regular Face

Image result for driving school korea building
(The Straits Times)

Cha Sa-soon casually strode inside an office that had a large rustic sign that read “Driving Lessons” in bold neon colors. The staff glanced at her with familiarity, as if they already knew why she was in the building again. Well, she really spent plenty of time there, so seeing her face wasn’t exactly new to them. Sa-soon calmly waited at the bench when a man asked her to walk out of their building.

Hundreds of Tries

Related image

She followed the man who was her driving instructor for three years, Park Su-Yeon. He led her outside, where a car was waiting for them. Sa-soon can’t remember how many cars changed already, but she recalled how she used to fidget on her first exam. Now it was like a part of her regular life… because she never really passed even once. But she knew it wasn’t too late for her to try getting that license even if it took her 960 times.

Her Only Dream

Related image

The elder was determined to gain a driver’s license because of one particular dream—she wanted to take her grandchildren to the zoo. She was busy raising her four children alone, so she only had the chance to take driving lessons by the time she reached her 60s. Her instructor snapped her out of her thoughts when he told her to start the engines of the car. Sa-soon took a deep breath and turned the keys.

New Chance

Related image

The engine roared, and the headlights turned on. She wasn’t hoping for any good news today since she never missed to take exams once a day, five days a week. So for Sa-soon, there would always be a chance tomorrow. But she didn’t know that today, April 2005, would be a life-changing date for her.

Different Course


Sa-soon cruised the first obstacles without any problem. Su-Yeon was in awe as he observed her. He took notes with every stir and breaks she did. He saw how much the elder improved, and she was doing exceptionally well. He knew the time would come and it was this day. So he took out his phone and notified the whole staff.

No Reason to Come Back

Related image

When Sa-soon took off from the car, she was preparing to go home. She had zero expectations in getting the good news today, so she asked Su-Yeon what time she could come back again tomorrow. But the instructor just smiled back and told them to go to their office first. Puzzled, she followed Su-Yeon to the room, and when they arrived… her hands went over her mouth in astonishment.

The Woman Who Took A Driving Test 960 Times

All the building staff was there holding a bouquet and a banner that read “Congratulations.” Sa-soon’s tears rolled on her cheeks as the staff and Su-Yeon gave her hugs. It was beyond her expectations that her 960th exam would be the last one for her. The elder thanked the team for not telling her to give up, but instead, they were patient with her and cheered for her success. Her heart leaped in joy when she finally got her driver’s license.

Image result for kia soul

The nation discovered her extraordinary story and she was featured on the news. Sa-soon then became like a national celebrity and was titled as the woman who took the driving test for 960 times. It was beyond possible for a regular person to have that kind of perseverance. But the most important part was, she could take her grandchildren anywhere they wanted to go.

Unintentional World Record

Image result for Rodrigo Koxa
(Guinness World Records)

Rodrigo Koxa, a 38-year-old Brazilian surfer, holds a Guinness title as the man who surfed the most massive wave in the towering height of 24.38 meters (80 feet)! However, he never really intended to set a world record and was just caught off guard by an incident.

Uncommon Waves

Image result for Nazaré, Portugal.
(Baleal Surf Camp)

In November of 2017, Rodrigo was doing his daily surf in the seas of Nazaré, Portugal. He observed that the waves were harsher than before. However, as a surfer, he thought that it would be a perfect opportunity to catch some big waves. Rodrigo swam further to the ocean and anticipated for more. Then he surfed along with the waves as if he was taking over them. But he had no idea that the tides were turning.

Colossal Encounter

Related image

As the waves rose up, his spirit soared. The sea roared and danced with his favorite board. Rodrigo was in a state of bliss when he noticed a shadow was towering over him. When he turned around, his eyes widened in horror. It was an enormous wave approaching him from behind. His mind couldn’t focus on anything, so his instinct kicked in and did something outrageous.

The Man Who Surfed the Largest Wave

Image result for rodrigo koxa wave
(Life of Adventure)

In a second, he had a recollection of a dream where a voice told him to “go straight down.” This memory encouraged him to fight back against the tides. It was just in time when he faced the waves and prevented himself from getting swallowed by the ocean. He found his balance with his board and rode smoothly along with the massive wave. His encounter with a giant wave spread like wildfire to the point that he got recognized by the World Surf League and awarded him with a “Quiksilver XXL Biggest Wave.”

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